How To Reset Whirlpool Ice Maker

Many Whirlpool refrigerator models are equipped with ice makers and ice dispensers. They make life so much easier. If your ice maker is making slushies or is not working at all then it is time for you to reset the whirlpool ice maker.

No matter what the problem is, resetting will definitely make your ice maker start working again.

You can check the instruction manual to see how to reset the ice maker but we know that it must be lost somewhere in the storage room.

That is why we have come up with the entire procedure of resetting your ice maker. In this guide, you’ll learn- how to reset whirlpool ice maker quickly.

Also, keep reading to see some of the common reasons why your ice maker stops working.

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How To Reset Whirlpool Ice Maker?

How To Reset Whirlpool Ice Maker

If your whirlpool ice maker is not working then follow these steps to fix it…

1. Adjust the Feeler Arm

You must be wondering what is a feeler arm now? This step is as simple as making a toast. In easy words, the feeler arm is a sensor inside the ice maker.

As soon as the ice tray is full, this sensor alerts the ice maker to stop. It stops the ice maker from making too much ice that may not be required.

However, if this arm is stuck, it will no longer be able to adjust the ice levels. When the arm is stuck, it stops making ice considering that the ice tray is full even when it is empty.

Here are some reasons why the feeler arm can get stuck-

  • The feeler arm is frozen.
  • The springs or screws of the feeler arm are stuck in one place.

All you have to do is push down the feeler arm and do this repeatedly. This way, the ice will break away from the feeler arm, and also the springs or screws will relax if they were stuck somewhere.

If you hear that the tank in the ice maker is starting to fill again with water then the trick has worked and your ice maker will start working perfectly.

2. Press Reset Button

If you think that the feeler arm is fine and is not stuck then try this method next. In all the Whirlpool models, the reset button is easy to identify. First of all, remove the ice tray and then look for the button.

Check the bottom of the ice maker and above the ice maker. If you are unable to locate it then simply search for your model and look it up on Google. To reset the ice maker, you have to press the button and hold it for at least 10 seconds.

Hold the button until you hear a beep sound in the ice maker or the ice maker starts making noises and operates. As soon as the ice maker starts working, it will empty the content inside it so ensure that you replace the ice tray to avoid spillage.

3. Press ON/OFF Switch

Not all models are equipped with an on/off switch. If you are unable to locate the reset switch then maybe your refrigerator has an on/off switch instead of a reset button.

Either this switch is situated underneath the ice tray or tries removing both, the ice tray as well as the cover plate. Find the switch first and then turn it off.

Next, unplug the ice maker and leave it unplugged for at least 10 minutes. Plugin the refrigerator and turn the switch on now.

Replace the ice tray and put the cover plate and the ice maker will be reset. If it still not working then read the below instructions.

What If Ice Maker Still Not Working?

If by any chance, all of the above-mentioned methods fail and your ice maker is just not working then you need to find the root cause of the problem. There may be electrical or mechanical problems with your ice maker.

We would suggest that you do not try any other methods apart from the ones that we have mentioned. Not only can this be dangerous but also can lead to the suspension of your warranty.

Call for a professional or contact the customer service of Whirlpool for further assistance. Or in case if the replacement cost is high then opt for a good nugget ice maker.

Here are some common problems that occur in ice makers that disrupt the functionality or entirely stop the machine-

  • One of the most popular reasons is when the control arm is out of position and activates the pause feature. When the arm is removed or fallen off, the ice maker stops working or produces slushies and water. Ensure that the pause feature is disabled in the ice maker.
  • Another issue may be that your water line is clogged or turned off. Since every ice maker is connected to a water line, see to it that the supply valve is not blocked or shut off.
  • Make sure that the filters are not clogged. It is vital to change the filters from time to time and keep them clean. You can read about it in the instruction manual or seek technical support to see how to keep filters tidy. Check the filter and see if it contains any debris or not. Clogged filters can greatly disrupt the functioning of ice makers.
  • Do not forget to check the water inlet valve which may be broken and hence the ice maker is not operating. This valve should be debris-free and not clogged.
  • If the ice maker is not making enough ice then see if it is leaking from somewhere. Check the level of your refrigerator and also the level of your ice maker unit. There may be damages or kinks in the water supply line so see that this is not the case. Your ice maker will probably start working after you check these conditions and you can see what is going wrong with the machine.

Final Verdict

These were some tips to reset your Whirlpool ice maker that will save you from the hassles of calling a professional. Patiently check the conditions and try to reset the ice maker.

If it is still not starting then it would be better to seek help. We hope this article helped you in understanding why your ice maker can break down and how you can make it right again.

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