Why Does My Ice Maker Make A Knocking Sound?

Is your ice maker making a knocking sound? If yes, then you might have a doubt that your ice maker is faulty.

But, it’s not like that. There are lots of reasons behind that knocking sound.

Do you want to know- why does my ice maker make a knocking sound? If yes, then this article is only for you.

While reading some forums, I found that thousands of people asking this question. Just like you, they were also worried that his ice maker is faulty.

That’s why I came up with this article. In this guide, I’ll explain some basic reasons why an ice maker makes a knocking sound.

So, keep reading this post…

Some Common Reasons Why Ice Maker Make Noise

Why Does My Ice Maker Make A Knocking Sound

An ice maker consists of various mechanical parts. So, it’s quite common that your ice maker makes some noise. Here are some commons sounds that ice maker makes-

1. Fan Speed

An ice maker works on the principle of heat transfer. It simply ejects the heat of the ice reservoir into the surroundings. In order to increase the rate of heat transfer, companies include a fan along with a temperature sensor inside the ice maker.

Whenever ice reservoir temperature goes up, the fan speed increases. Because it increases the rate of heat transfer and ultimately decreases the temperature of the ice bin. An electronic circuit is installed to regulate the fan speed.

When the temperature is maintained, the electronic circuit turns off the fan to save electricity. Due to this continuous process, the ice maker makes a knocking sound. It’s totally normal and it doesn’t mean that your ice maker is faulty.

2. Buzzing

If you have a costly refrigerator then it must have a frost-free feature. In the expensive ice makers and refrigerators, the machine automatically reverses its cycle to defrost the ice stuck on ice maker components.

Whenever a thick layer of ice accumulates on the ice maker’s component, your machine automatically detects and runs a defrost cycle. It defrosts the ice to increase the overall efficiency of the machine.

When your refrigerator reverses its cycle to defrost cycle, a buzzing or sizzling sound occurs. It’s quite normal and you don’t need to worry about it.

3. Loud Click

The sole aim of an ice maker is to maintain a particular temperature inside the ice reservoir. So that, ice doesn’t melt and maintains its phase.

You might have noticed that your appliance makes a humming noise and stops with a single loud click. It’s because that temperature control unit shuts off because the temperature is reached the freezing point.

A loud click is also a sign that the temperature control unit is turning on because the ice reservoir temperature is warm. So, in this case, you don’t have to be panic.

4. Gurgling

Your ice maker contains refrigerants that give a cooling effect. The refrigerant changes its phase (Liquid→ Gas and vice versa) to reduce the ice reservoir temperature.

The refrigerant moves from various parts of the ice maker hence it produces a gurgling noise. Also, the movement of water in the water line also creates gurgling noise.

Why Does My Ice Maker Make A Knocking Sound?

I know it’s annoying if your ice maker making a knocking sound. I have explained some common reasons why your ice maker makes noise. However, there are many other factors that contribute to noisy operating.

Here are some possible reasons why an ice maker make a knocking sound-

1. Vibrations Due To Uneven Placement

If you haven’t installed your ice machine properly then it may cause a knocking sound. You’re aware that, an ice maker or refrigerator has various moving parts such as compressor, condenser, fan, etc.

If you haven’t placed your ice maker or refrigerator on a flat surface then due to moving parts, it creates vibrations and produces a knocking sound. So, you must ensure that your appliance must be placed on a stable and flat surface.

2. Compressor

The compressor is a powerful and most essential unit in any cooling machine. It increases the pressure of the refrigerant. It helps in maintaining a specific temperature of the ice basket.

Once the required temperature is achieved, the compressor automatically turns off. Similarly, if the temperature increases, the compressor turns on to cool the ice basket.

This automatic Turn ON- Turn OFF process makes a knocking sound. You don’t need to worry about it.

3. Water Levels

If you have a portable ice maker then maintaining the water level is a little difficult. Once the water level is reduced, the machine stops making ice resulting in a knocking sound.

If your ice maker is connected to a water line directly then it might be possible that- water line is clogged with scale formation. In that case, you have to clean your ice maker and water line properly.

You can read this countertop ice maker cleaning guide. Follow this article to see- how to clean an Opal ice maker.

4. Faulty Water Pump

A water pump helps to bring water from the reservoir to the freezing compartment. In case, your water pump is faulty or clogged then no water is supplied to the freezing compartment. Due to this, knocking sounds occur.

If your water pump is not working then it’s time to call your ice maker brand for repairs or replacement.

5. Heating

You might be thinking- if the ice maker is made for cooling purposes then why heating is required. So, let me explain this-

Once water is supplied to the freezing compartment, the ice cubes are made. But, due to the freezing effect, it sticks to the molds. In order to take it off from cubes mold, heating is required.

Due to heating, it produces a knocking sound. However, if the knocking sound continues for more than one minute then it’s not because of heating. There must be some other problems with your machine.

In that case, you’ve to call your ice maker brand for repair.

Final Verdict

I hope now you have enough idea about why my ice maker makes a knocking sound. Analyze your ice maker and take appropriate action to fix it. If it’s due to abnormal issues then call your brand for repair or replacement.