Why Are Nugget Ice Makers So Expensive?

Nugget ice is the most demanded ice in a bar and restaurants. It’s not like any traditional ice cubes made in a refrigerator or countertop ice maker.

But have you ever wondered why nugget ice makers are so expensive? Well, there are so many factors in the countertop ice makers which make them expensive. However, the average price range of commercial nugget ice machines starts from $3000 and even above.

Why Nugget Ice Makers Are So Expensive?

Scotsman Prodigy Plus Nugget Ice Maker

The Nugget ice maker machines serve as the upper hand for the cafés and restaurants. This complex ice machine can help to create a heap of ice flakes within a few minutes.

But the cost of these ice makers is high and it depends on the following factors:

1. Size of Nugget Ice Makers

Nugget ice makers are available in different sizes, and size could be the foremost reason these ice-making machines are quite expensive.

People who have cafés and restaurants prefer to have large ice maker machines to fulfill their requirements. 

The bigger the size, the more will be the price of the ice-making machine. However, the functionality and technical set-ups also contribute to the hefty price tag of the machine. 

2. Overall Design

Like sizes, the nugget ice makers are available in a myriad of designs and styles which require multiple functions and advanced features. Modern designs can also contribute to the price of the machine.

If you want to buy a machine with a modern design and advanced features, then the cost of the ice makers will be high. Sometimes, the complex design machines can further contribute to the heavy price of the machine.

3. Technical Set-Up 

The technical setup of the nugget ice-making machine also makes these machines expensive. Also, the technical setup of the machine depends on the production of the ice and the overall efficiency of the machine.

The advanced features such as sturdy base construction, built-in drain pump, stainless steel panel, and many other accessories can enhance the machine’s cost and make them super expensive.

The cost of the machine may increase if you want to have a more technically advanced set-up such as a water filter and other extensive features, then the cost may vary, and maybe it will sum up the overall cost of the machine.

4. Regulatory Actions of the Ice Product

The nugget ice maker machine is specially designed to meet the massive requirement of the ice nuggets. So, it may require some special features such as an automated control unit and a big ice basket to hold the nuggets of the ice. 

The addition of this kind of regulatory action feature increases the cost of the nugget ice makers. Furthermore, if you look after some more regulatory action features, then the price of the ice-making machine may get higher than you expected. 

5. Ice Production Capacity

Some ice makers, especially countertop ice makers, can make around 55 lbs of ice per day. At the same time, the commercial-style ice makers can produce up to 100 lbs or 1000 pounds of ice nuggets each day. However, some ice makers are available that can produce up to 70 pounds of ice in 24 hours. 

The ice production capacity can also determine the cost of the nugget ice maker machine. The larger the capacity of the ice maker, the more will be the cost of the machine.

If you buy the ice maker with the least production capacity, then the countertop ice maker machine’s overall cost will be less compared to the heavy production. 

6. Multipurpose Usage

The majority of the ice maker machines are designed for a variety of purposes. Some ice maker machines have unique features of preparing different types of ice at a large scale.

However, some of the ice makers were only designed for preparing a single type of ice nugget. 

No matter what new feature you look for, it will only add to the cost of the nugget ice-making machine. Usually, the multipurpose ice makers are costly as compared to the single nugget-style ice makers. 

7. Material of the Machine 

Most of the nugget ice makers are expensive because they are made from high-quality stainless-steel material. The material is highly durable and long-lasting, but it adds to the overall cost of the ice maker machine.


The cost of the commercial style or the nugget ice maker machines are expensive due to these features.

So, if you want to have the best value nugget ice-making machine, it would be great to consider all the features to make a better and more informed choice.

Though they are expensive, you can spend a decent amount and buy the affordable models if you purchase according to your needs.