Best Countertop Ice Maker Under $500

Having access to an ice maker is convenient for blending frozen drinks, chilling cocktails, or filling coolers. It may seem a useless investment with a fully functioning fridge. But, it is a worthy investment because of the convenience it provides. 

Getting hold of the best countertop ice maker under $500 depends on the amount of ice needed and how much space it occupies. It is an added advantage if it works quietly. 

While choosing an ice machine,  you need to consider its size. As you are buying to fit in the counterpart, you won’t wish it occupies much space in the pantry when not in use. 

Also, consider the time it takes to produce ice and the amount of ice it produces at a time. Also, consider how the ice will retrieve the ice. While some with automatic dispensers, others come with scoops.

To find out the best ice maker in the market, we have done thorough research. In this article, we have included the best countertop ice makers under $500.

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Best Countertop Ice Maker Under $500

Best countertop ice maker under 500

Let’s have a look at the top 5 countertop ice makers under $500…

  1. TaoTronics Nugget Ice Maker
  2. Euhomy ‎Countertop Ice Maker
  3. Frigidaire EFIC235 Ice Maker
  4. Igloo ICEB26SS Portable Ice Maker
  5. IKICH Portable Ice Maker

1. TaoTronics Nugget Ice Maker


  • The high-quality compressor and powerful fan reduces the heat and drives the freezing system.
  • The first batch of ice is ready in 18 minutes and produces 26 lbs of ice every day.
  • Refilling and draining them is effortless because of the pipes. There is no need to move the unit.
  • The ice maker also comes with self-cleaning technology and has overflow protection.
  • The TaoTronics ice maker reduces noise by 50 dB and does not make any unpleasant loud noises.
  • The ice maker comes with a one-year warranty.


  • After some time, the ice maker started to make weird noises for some customers.

The TaoTronics nugget ice maker for countertops is airy and soft compared to standard ice cubes. In just 18 minutes, the nugget ice maker generates ice. The ice retains the beverage flavors. 

The ice maker can produce around 26 lbs of ice every day and has a 2.7L reservoir. The bin of the countertop nugget ice maker can hold up to 3.3lbs. When the reservoir of the ice maker becomes empty, it automatically refills itself. 

As the ice melts, the water gets back into the reservoir. When the bin is full, the ice maker stops producing ice. With the CLEAN button, the ice maker automatically cleans itself within 5 minutes.

2. Euhomy ‎Countertop Ice Maker


  • Pressing the TIMER button for 5 seconds or more allows the ice maker to clean automatically.
  • High-efficiency performance that saves electricity and money.
  • The self-cleaning technology requires less hassle for maintenance.
  • It is designed using stainless steel that allows the user’s versatile placement.
  • The ice maker reservoir can hold 2.2L of water and produces 5 cycles of ice with it.
  • The push-button is easy to read and makes it comfortable to use.


  • It needs continuous attention to dump the ice out of the ice maker.
  • The ice forms as slabs and not cubes.

The Euhomy ice maker is one of the best ice makers for under $500, for reasons like it can produce 24 cubes in each cycle and around 40 lbs of ice per day.

This device is a lot easier to use because of its digital and LCD. The push button with a digital design makes it comfortable to use. The timer offers 8 hours of delay. There is a light that indicates when water needs to be added to the reservoir.

Does the tank need constant refilling? The ice maker holds 2.2 liters of water and reduces the need to refill the tank. The portable ice maker comes with advanced refrigeration technology.

3. Frigidaire EFIC235 Ice Maker


  • The ice maker has an elegant design.
  • The powerful motor of the ice maker makes first batch of ice in just 15 minutes.
  • When the ice melts, the water flows back to the reservoir automatically.
  • It can produce up to 44 lbs of ice every day, and the bin capacity is 3 lbs.
  • You can carry the ice maker along with you while going out camping.
  • The ice maker is a bit loud.
  • There is no proper instruction for the UV portion.

The EFIC235 by Frigidaire makes delicious ice and has an elegant design. The ice maker has a powerful motor and prepares ice within 15 minutes. The capacity of the ice maker is 44 lbs. 

The bin of the ice maker holds up to 3 lbs. Once the ice starts melting, the water flows back to the reservoir and again is transformed into ice. There is no water hookup necessary for this ice maker.

It has a portable design that you can carry to your camping as well. You can connect the plugs to an electrical outlet present at home. The digital display is easy to use. The size of the ice maker allows you to place it anywhere on the countertop.

4. Igloo ICEB26SS Portable Ice Maker


  • A transparent lid gives you a good view of the ice inside the ice maker.
  • The control panel is illuminated with LEDs and is easy to understand.
  • The removable ice basket allows you to transfer ice quickly after removing it.
  • The water tank can produce 26 lbs of ice every day and produce 9 cubes of small or ice cubes in 7-minutes.
  • The tank capacity of the ice maker is 3 quarts, and the ice basket capacity is 2 pounds.
  • While you are not using the ice maker, you can drain water out of the unit easily.


  • The ice starts melting quickly.
  • The small and large ice cubes look almost the same.

The ice maker by Igloo is compact, portable, and convenient. The ice maker is available in different colors that make your countertop look beautiful. The water tank capacity of the ice maker is 3 quarts.

With the tank at its full capacity, the ice maker can produce ice up to 26 lbs per day. How much ice can this ice maker store? At a time, the ice basket can store up to 2 lbs of ice. 

The control panel is illuminated with LEDs and is easy to read and understand- the control panel when the ice basket is full or the reservoir needs a refill. You can also remove the ice basket from the ice maker.

5. IKICH Portable Ice Maker


  • Makes 9 pieces of ice in just 6 minutes.
  • It produces a sound less than 45 dB.
  • Simple, smart panel where you just require to add water, plug it in, press the power button, and select the size of ice. Everything else will be done automatically.
  • Comes with a warranty period of 2-years.
  • Easy to use and installation.


  • When you opt for the small size ice, they are tiny in size.
  • The ice does not remain frozen for a long time.

The Ikich portable ice maker produces 9 chewable ice in 6 minutes. In 24 hours, the ice maker can produce 26 lbs of ice. The water reservoir has a capacity of 68 oz. Where can we keep this ice maker? The size of the ice maker is such that it can fit almost anywhere on its counterpart. 

The sound that the ice maker produces is less than 45 dB. The device’s control panel is simple and easy—the drain plug and the outlet present at the bottom empty water easily. 

You can choose if you want small ice cubes or large ice cubes. It is easy to install the device, and a translucent window allows you to observe easily.

Things to consider before buying an ice maker under $500

This buying guide for the best countertop ice maker under $500 uses some standard terms that you will encounter thousands of times while reading the article. 

Here are some of the factors that you need to consider that will make your decision about buying a countertop ice maker easier.

Ice’s structural integrity

According to shape, different kinds of ice machines make different kinds of ice. The most common ice produced by the countertop ice makers is bullet-shaped and cylindrical. But, this ice melts faster than regular ice as they are hollow inside.

The advantage of these types of ice is that they can be crushed easily while preparing smoothies and easier to munch. But, once the ice starts melting, the taste and the flavor of the drink get affected. 

Some of the countertop ice makers make clear and square-shaped ice. They melt slower compared to the bullet-shaped ice. But, this ice takes longer to form.


When you buy an ice maker for your countertop, considering the size is a must. Ice makers can be large as well as small. You will come across several ice makers in the market. Take your measurements properly, and then measure the ice maker thoroughly. 

You don’t want to buy an ice maker that does not sit properly on your countertop or can be stored in the pantry.


Another important thing that you should consider before buying the best countertop ice maker under $500 is its speed. The production cycle gives you an idea of the production speed of the ice. 

Usually, smaller ice makers take less time to produce ice than larger ice makers. But the capacity of the ice cubes is less for the smaller ice makers. Decide carefully on what you want and then buy an ice maker.


Having a fixed budget is very important before buying an ice maker. Ice makers can be quite costly if you want only the best quality. But, it may leave you without any penny in the end. Carefully examine and look into all the details of the product that you are buying. 

If you do your research properly, you can get high-quality ice makers at an affordable price. In this article, we have mentioned the best ice makers under $500.

Easy to clean

With the advancement in technology, you will find several ice makers that come with self-cleaning functions. This feature requires less maintenance and hassle. Also, it is important to have a mesh filter in your ice maker. 

Drain plug at the bottom, side, or back of the ice maker is handy. The bottom plug is considered most convenient as it does not require any kind of tilting.


If considered properly, ice is not just meant for drinks. Ice can be used to make smoothies or store meat and fish. You can also use ice for first-aid purposes.

After doing extensive research, finding the best ice maker under $500 is quite tricky. You need to have proper knowledge of ice makers and understand their uses. 

I hope that this guide on the best countertop ice maker under $500 provides you with all the information required to buy an ice maker.