How To Reset Igloo Ice Maker

We know it’s frustrating when an ice maker doesn’t function properly. Igloo is known for manufacturing reliable ice makers. Are you facing any issues with your igloo ice maker?

Even though igloo is one of the best brands for portable ice makers, but any machines start malfunctioning with time. It’s the nature of any machine or device. I found many users asking- my igloo ice maker not making ice, the igloo ice maker not working, or the igloo ice maker says ice full even it’s empty.

So, in this guide, we are going to discuss how to reset the igloo ice maker. In short, we’re going to learn about the different troubleshooting methods of the igloo ice maker. Before moving ahead, let’s understand how does a portable ice maker works?

Although I have written a detailed guide on the working principle of an ice maker, here we’ll just recall some important information.

How Does Igloo Portable Ice Maker Work?

The working process of the igloo ice maker is similar to any other portable ice maker. It functions differently than Ice Freezers or Refrigerators. That’s why you get beautiful ice cubes in just 6-8 minutes while refrigerators take more than 30 minutes.

The portable ice makers work on the same refrigeration cycle that any home refrigerator works. But, in ice makers, the evaporator unit is replaced by metal tubes. When there’s temperature difference occurs, the water starts freezing and surround the metal tubes. Due to which water takes the form of cylindrical ice.

Once the required thinness of ice freezes, the machine reveres the cycle. Due to this, metal tubes heated and ice surrounding the metal tubes drops inside the ice basket.

How To Reset Igloo Ice Maker?

How To Reset Igloo Ice Maker

We don’t know what kind of error you’re getting but, follow these steps to reset igloo ice makers-

  1. Unplug your igloo ice maker from the power source.
  2. Drain the water reservoir.
  3. Open the lid and empty the ice basket.
  4. Now clean the metal tubes with a soft cloth.
  5. Close the ice maker lid.
  6. Plug-in the ice maker to the power socket.
  7. Turn ON the machine.
  8. Now, press and hold the power button of the ice maker for 10-12 seconds.
  9. Let it be on rest for the next 30 minutes.
  10. Turn ON back and see if the problem is fixed.

If your ice maker problem is not fixed yet, then read some more troubleshooting guides below.

Portable Ice Maker Troubleshooting

These are some common problems that occur with any portable ice maker. Let’s discuss the possible fixes of them-

Problem #1– Igloo Ice Maker Not Working

It’s a very common query I found on various forums- my ice maker is not working, is it dead? So, there’s less chance that your ice maker is dead. There could be many reasons behind that.

Let’s look at some common reasons that lead to the ice maker not working-

  • Your power socket is faulty.
  • You accidentally turned off your ice maker.
  • Your icemaker’s power cord is dead.
  • Your ice basket is full.
  • Your ice maker water reservoir is empty.
  • Your ice maker water line is clogged.

Solution #1– How To Fix Ice Maker Not Working

Before calling a technician, you can check and ensure that your power socket is not faulty. If your power socket is not faulty, check if you accidentally pressed the power off button.

There’s a possibility that the water reservoir is empty. Check it out and fill the water if it’s empty. It’s also possible that your ice basket is full that’s why the igloo ice maker not making ice. Open the lid and take out the ice basket or empty the ice basket with an ice scoop.

If nothing worked, it’s time to call a professional.

Problem #2– My Igloo Ice Maker Says Ice Full

There are thousands of people who asked- my igloo ice maker says ice full even if the ice basket is empty. So, if you too facing this problem, it might possible that the ice full sensor is not working.

Solution #2– How To Fix Ice Maker Says Ice Full

First of all, unplug the ice maker from the power source. Now, unscrew the side cover and check if the ice full sensor is working or not.

If not, you can get one from an electric shop and replace the sensor. Here’s a video on- how to replace the ice maker full switch (sensor) at home.

You can order that faulty switch from Amazon. It can save you $150-$200 ice maker. If your ice maker is under warranty, just call on their support number and they’ll fix it or replace your ice maker.

Problem #3– My Ice Maker Making Cloudy Ice

It’s a common problem that many ice makers start making cloudy ice. It doesn’t taste better and melt quickly. There are possible reasons that your water isn’t filtered properly, or your ice maker is dirty.

Solution #3– How To Fix If Ice Maker Producing Cloudy Ice

There are some impurities like calcium and magnesium present in your water. Due to which your ice maker produces cloudy ice. You can use impurity-free filtered water for ice production.

If your ice maker still making cloudy ice then it’s time to clean your ice maker. We have written a detailed guide on how to clean an ice maker. Please refer to this. Don’t use any chemicals to clean the extended metal tubes.

Problem #4– My Ice Maker Doesn’t Eject Ice

It’s another common problem with portable ice makers. The ice maker reverses its cycle to heat the metal tubes, hence ice cubes eject to the ice bin. It might possible that your ice maker cannot heat the tray or tubes to eject the ice.

Solution #4– How To Fix If Ice Maker Doesn’t Eject Ice

The ice makers reverse the refrigeration cycle to heat the ice tray/metal tubes. Due to which ice cubes unstuck from the system.

You can check and ensure if there’s corrosion or loose wiring isn’t causing this. If so, fix that but most of the time you need to call a professional to fix this issue.

Final Verdict

These are some common troubleshooting methods to fix normal issues. We hope you understand how to reset the igloo ice maker. If it’s not making ice, just unplug the machine and put it in sunlight for a few hours.

If your igloo ice maker not working or causing a different problem, please write in the comment box.