How To Fix GE Ice Maker- Troubleshooting Guide

All those appliances which give cooling effects; work on the principle of the refrigeration cycle. The first artificial refrigeration was invented by William Cullen in the 1740s. It was totally based on thermodynamics.

With time, lots of modifications done by various researchers and not electronics also involved. Also, the size of machines is reduced and we got countertop ice makers as result.

GE appliances launched its first nugget ice maker for home use in 2017. But, with time the machine starts creating problems. This guide is entirely based on GE Opal nugget ice maker troubleshooting and fixes.

If your GE ice maker not working or not making ice then this guide will help you. Many reasons contribute to such problems. We’ll see various common problems that occur in GE opal nugget ice makers and will fix them.

GE Ice Maker Not Working? Here’s Common Reasons & Fixes

GE ice maker not working

If your GE ice maker not making ice, you do not need to call a technician immediately. Many times it’s just a small reason because of that, your GE opal nugget ice maker stops making ice.

Here’s some common troubleshooting guide for GE profile opal nugget ice maker-

1. Opal Ice Maker Not Turning ON

A very common issue you may face is the Opal ice maker not turning ON. Many users reported this issue and here are some common reasons that contribute to this issue.


  • Check your power socket and ensures that there’s no issue with the electricity supply. You can test by pugging in a different appliance to that socket. If it’s not working, you can change the socket.
  • Check the ice maker power supply wire. Inspect it physically and ensures that there’s no cut on the wire. If there’s a cut, replace the wire.
  • Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.
  • If you’re connected to Opal app, reset the On/Off schedule on your machine.
  • Put the Opal ice maker in cleaning mode by switching the button on the back.
  • If nothing works, call authorised technician to fix it.

2. Opal Ice Maker Turning OFF By Itself

When I was checking Reddit, I found that many people reported this error. They reported that; Opal ice maker turns off randomly.


  • Check your Opal smartapp because sometimes people schedule it and forgot. If you’ve scheduled then delete that.
  • Check the ice bin because Opal provides a sensor to the ice bin. If the ice bin is full, it automatically turns off by itself to prevent overflow.
  • Ensures that ice bin is properly installed and fully pushed (you’ll get a click sound). If it’s not fully pushed, the opal ice maker turns off itself after 4-5 minutes.
  • Regular cleaning is needed for proper functioning, it’s nothing worked then clean your opal ice maker.

3. Opal Interior Lights Are Not Working

Opal nugget ice maker is a fully automatic and smart ice maker. It offers users to switch between Night Mode and Daylight Mode. If your Opal interior lights are not working then it could be due to this.


  • Opal 1.0 Nugget Ice Maker: Press and hold the front round button for 3 seconds. This will toggel you between Daylight Mode and Night Mode.
  • Opal 2.0 Nugget Ice Maker: In this model, there’s a seperate light button. It offers three different modes- ON/Dim/OFF. Just press the light button until you get your desired result.

4. GE Opal Ice Maker Not Making Ice

I have got hundreds of messes that GE Opal ice maker not making ice. If your GE ice maker not making ice, then you can follow these troubleshooting processes-


  • Ensures that ice bin is fully pushed because due to this, GE ice maker stops making ice.
  • Check it machine is running cleaning cycle because it’s a self-cleaning ice maker. You can hear the sound of water flow. If it’s running a cleaning cycle, you have to wait for few minutes and it starts making ice again.
  • Check if water reservior is empty. If there’s low water level, then fill the reservoir with purified water.
  • If nothing works, unplug the device for 4-5 hours.


These are some commons reasons what GE ice maker not working. If also facing any issue with the opal ice maker then you can follow the above solutions. If nothing works, you can reach the Opal support team at 1-866-907-6718.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Your feedback and queries are always welcome in the comment box.