How To Make Ice Maker Work Faster

Nobody wants to stop his/her wine party due to absence of ice cubes. But, if there’s high demand then definitely you have to wait until refrigerator ice maker makes next batch of ice cubes. But, you can make ice maker work faster with some easy hacks.

If you have an old refrigerator which makes ice slowly then you must hate waiting for it. In this guide, we are going to learn- how to make ice maker work faster. I hope you love reading this.

Why is my ice maker taking so long to make ice?


There could be multiple reasons that contributes to make ice maker slow. But, the most common causes are- incorrect temperature setting, water line is clogged, you is not service since long time, improper or damaged door seal, and chocked water filters.

If your ice maker is making ice cubes slowly then check for the above-mentioned reasons. Let’s see how to make ice maker work faster.

How To Make Ice Maker Work Faster?

make ice maker work faster

With just small inspection, you can find the exact cause of slow ice maker. Here is a step by step guide to boost the ice making process-

1. Adjust the temperature setting

refrigerator temperature knob

The ideal temperature for an ice maker is -15° C to -18° C (0-5 degree F). You should set the temperature knob (if you have manual refrigerator) to this range. In this range, ice maker work efficiently and make ice faster. If it’s already set for this temperature range then there could be some other reasons that increasing the ice making time.

2. Inspect the door seal

Refrigerator door seal

There is chances that door seal is damaged. Due to which the ambient air reaching inside the refrigerator and reduces it’s efficiency. Inspect the door insulation seal and get it fixed if there is some sort of damage.

Also, you should avoid opening refrigerator door too often. Because of frequent opening, the evaporator cabinet doesn’t achieve the ideal temperature for cooling.

3. Change the water filter

Refrigerator water filter

Almost all refrigerator ice makers comes with a water filtration system. There is chance that your water filter is clogged and water doesn’t flow at the required flow rate. This insufficient water flow reduces the ice production rate.

You should inspect the water filter and change if it’s clogged. Also, it’s recommended to change the refrigerator water filter every six months.

4. Check water inlet line

There is a water inlet tube connected at the back of ice maker. Due to scale formation and minerals contamination, the inlet valve gets clogged. You should check the water inlet line to ensure that, there is proper flow of water.

If it’s clogged, you should book an appointment with refrigerator brand or repair service.

5. Clean the entire ice maker

If it has been long time when you serviced the ice maker then it’s time to get it serviced by professional. Meanwhile you can clean the ice maker with vinegar to check if it’s working or not.

If nothing works, it’s time to change your ice maker. However, you can opt for countertop ice makers that makes ice cubes at much faster speed.

Final Verdict

Incorrect temperature setting and clogged water filter are two main cause of slow ice making process. However, there are some more common reasons that promotes the slow ice making. I have explained the five major causes due to which ice maker takes so long to make ice cubes. Also, I explained: how to make ice maker work faster at home.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Follow the above guide and take appropriate action. Do let us know the result in the comment box.

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