How To Clean NewAir Countertop Ice Maker?

Are you juggling with the cleaning of the NewAir countertop ice maker? Here are the simple hacks that help you clean the ice maker easily and get fresh ice consistently.

Owning the portable NewAir countertop ice maker is an excellent thought to get the fast ice cubes to serve the clients. However, don’t think that you get the crystal-clear ice forever without cleaning it. Dust and debris may accumulate into the machine, resulting in foggy dusky ice cubes. 

Hence, it would be a wonderful idea to clean your ice maker and get fresh ice cubes. In this blog, we’ll discuss the cleaning procedure and how it is the perfect time to clean the ice-making machine. 

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How to tell if my ice maker require cleaning? 

Ideally, you can clean your ice maker at least twice or thrice a month. But the machine itself gives you several signs that tell you it is the right time to clean the ice maker machine. 

  • If the ice melts too often and ice nuggets get smaller quickly, then this may be the time to clean your ice maker machine.
  • Look at the sidewalls of the machine to check there is any dirt or stains present. If the sides are translucent, then it is fine. But if the sides of the machine are stingy and dirt is present, then do ensure to clean your countertop ice maker. 
  • The ice produced by the machine is dusky and doesn’t taste good. If you see these things, then it is high time to clean your ice-making machine. 

How to Clean NewAir Countertop Ice Maker

NewAir Clear Ice Maker For Home Bar

Cleaning of the ice maker machine is of utmost essential to get fresh ice. Follow these steps to clean the countertop ice-making machine.

  1. First, empty your countertop ice maker and remove the plug to cut off the electricity and water supply. Now, disassemble the ice maker so that you can easily reach the internal parts and clean it properly.
  2. Now, prepare the soap solution to clean the machine. You can use the mild detergent and mix it with warm water. Then, fill it in a spray bottle for easy application. For better cleaning, you can also mix the vinegar into the soap solution as it helps to remove the tough stain from the machine.
  3. Now take out all the accessories such as water filter, ice basket, nozzles, and scoop. Spray a small quantity of soap on the accessories and rub them with a damp cloth. After applying the soap solution, leave the accessories for a few minutes and then rinse them off with warm water. 
  4. Let the accessories dry naturally.
  5. Now, spray liquid soap on the ice maker machine and use a damp cloth to clean the parts carefully. Also, use the toothbrush to reach the most difficult parts of the machine.
  6. Next, clean the exterior part of the machine carefully and use a jug or bowl to pour water into the internal areas.
  7. Keep in mind to avoid the electric plug region and clean it with a damp cloth only to avoid shock issues.
  8. Repeat the cleaning process until all the stains go off. Once the process is done, use water to rinse the soap solution. It would be great to use warm water to clean the machine because warm water can wipe out dirt and remove the smell of the vinegar too.
  9. To clean the internal part of the water inlet, you can use the toothbrush and clean it gently. Then, you can fill in the pipe with the soap solution and rinse it with warm water.
  10. Let the machine dry naturally, and use a clean cloth to wipe out all the parts before assembling the countertop ice maker machine.
  11. Once the machine parts are completely dried, reassemble the machine, and fix all the accessories carefully, place the ice basket in the accurate position.
  12. Now, plug in the machine and connect it with the water pipeline.


Cleaning of the ice maker machine is essential to enhance the longevity of the countertop ice maker. These steps help to clean the ice maker properly.

However, some countertop ice makers are available in the market, which comes with an automatic cleaning option.

So, you can simply pour the cleaning solution and press the cleaning button. The machine will do the job of cleaning itself.