How To Clean Frigidaire Ice Maker?

Do you always juggle to clean frigidaire ice maker? I know that the juggle is real, and sometimes people often get confused when cleaning from where to start.

But cleaning is essential to avoid the smelly ice that can also destroy the taste of the drinks. Although you have self-cleaning ice makers but I would recommend you to clean it manually with vinegar and lemon juice.

If you want to properly clean your Frigidaire ice maker, you need to follow a few basic steps, which I’ll describe in this blog. However, you can check another great blog post on how to reset Frigidaire ice maker.

How To Clean Frigidaire Ice Maker?

Frigidaire Portable Ice Maker

This ultimate guide contains a few basic steps for cleaning the ice maker’s interior and exterior parts. Here, you will also get to know which solution is right for the cleaning of the ice maker.

So, let’s get started…

How To Tell My Frigidaire Ice Maker Require Cleaning?

This is pretty much the most common question which is asked by the users the most. Probably, there is no particular time to clean the Frigidaire ice maker, and however, the cleaning of the ice maker also varies from condition to condition.

Ideally, the experts will advise you to clean your ice maker once a month or after every month.

Moreover, if you notice a bad smell from the ice maker, then this is the peak time to clean your ice maker to keep it fresh and clean for a longer time.

The cleaning is also essential to enhance the shelf life of the Frigidaire ice-making machine. Some other signs that your ice maker needs to be clean are ice melting faster; ice cubes are smelly and foggy.

Moreover, if you observe the dirt in the ice or on the interior walls of the ice maker, then this is the right time to clean the ice maker.

What Can You Use to Clean Your Frigidaire Ice Maker?

Ideally, people prefer to clean the ice maker with certified ice maker cleaning solutions. But few essential things help you to clean the ice maker properly, which are as follows:

  • Warm water.
  • Vinegar solution.
  • Lemon juice.
  • Clean, dry clothes.
  • Gloves.
  • Detergent powder.
  • Sponges.

Along with this, you can use warm water to clean the machine properly. 

Steps to Clean the Frigidaire Ice Maker

Cleaning the ice maker is a tedious process if you don’t know where to start. I’ve listed here the step-by-step procedure that helps you to clean the ice maker quickly.

If you follow the recommended steps, then you’ll be able to clean it very easily. So, let’s get started.

1. Unplug the Ice maker 

The first step of cleaning the ice maker is unplugging, and this is essential to avoid any hazardous activity.

So, first, before you jump to the cleaning process, make sure to switch off the appliance and remove all the wires. People usually start cleaning without unplugging the machine.

Be careful because it may threaten your life. If any of the wires come in contact with the water, it can give an electric shock.

Moreover, while unplugging, also make sure to unplug all the water outlets and inlets to avoid any spillage issues.

Also, carefully remove all the outlets and keep them in a safe place so that you can re-plug the machine outlet quickly without having any hassles.

If possible, then wrap the electric wires of the machine to prevent them from wetting. Don’t use water directly on the wire as it may be hazardous and make rise to issues of the electric shocks.

2. Take out the Ice Tray from The Ice Maker 

Once you are done with the unplugging, wear the gloves and start removing the ice bin. However, it is not required to wear gloves, but it would be great to keep your hands safe and clean.

Also, carefully remove the ice maker bin to avoid any damage.

After removing the ice bin, do ensure to remove the clogged ice and wait until it melts. Also, drain the water from the bin before you start cleaning.

Draining excess water from the bin will help avoid spillage issues and ensure that you can clean the bin properly. 

Along with the ice, the basket removes all the interior accessories and exterior for cleaning. Cleaning will become easier when you remove the ice bin.

Moreover, you will be able to protect your hands from injury when you are cleaning the ice maker.

Once you remove all the accessories, prepare the detergent solution to clean the interior and exterior part of the ice maker machine.

3. Use Warm Water and Detergent to Clean the Ice Maker

After removing the ice bin and draining the excess water, wait for a few minutes to start cleaning. Now mix the detergent with water.

Use a clean damp cloth and start rubbing the detergent solution on the interior and exterior parts of the machine.

You can also use the liquid solution to clean the machine. Always prefer to have warm water to clean the machine because the warm water helps to remove the stain quickly.

Once you apply the detergent all over the machine, you need to wait for a bit so that the applied detergent will remove the stains.

Now, rinse with the warm water and wait until the parts completely dry off. Keep it aside when you are cleaning the other parts of the machine. If possible, then use a clean cloth to dry the Frigidaire ice maker machine completely.

4. Clean the Interior Parts with Vinegar and Water Solution

Now, start cleaning the most difficult part of the machine, such as the compressor region and water draining pipes.

The cleaning of the part is of utmost essential to avoid clogging and rusting issues. Also, make sure to use the lemon or vinegar solution to clean the parts where rust is present.

The vinegar solution will act on the rust areas and remove all the stains. When you use the vinegar solution, make sure to pour the ratio of 10:1 of the solution.

This means, take 10 ml of water and 1 ml of vinegar to prepare the solution. The majority of the people skip the part and use any consistent concentration, which may damage the machine.

After preparing the solution, use the damp cloth, dip it into the solution, and start rubbing on the areas where you observe the stain.

Leave the solution for a few minutes after applying, and then rinse it off with warm water. Keep it aside until it is dry.

5. Reinstall All the Parts

Once the machine is dried completely, start reinstalling the parts of the machine. Make sure to assemble all the parts carefully.

Now, plug in the wires carefully. Before you finally restart your machine, make sure to cross-check all the essential parts are fixed properly.

Last but not least, fix the draining and water inlet pipes to the water tank carefully to avoid malfunctioning the machine.

Also, make sure to check the interior parts of the machine are dried off. Now, plugin and resume your machine to make ice properly.

Bonus Tip to Enhance the Shelf-life of the Frigidaire Ice Machine

If you want to improve the working condition of the ice maker machine, then do ensure to take your ice-maker for servicing.

Regular servicing will help fix all the loose ends of the machine and make sure that your machine will run for longer than expected.

Repairing once in three or four months would be great for maintaining the ice maker for a longer run. 

 Exterior parts are brittle and exposed to dirt and debris, which may spoil it. Therefore, please take it for servicing after every month.

Along with this, do ensure to clean the machine regularly as it will also help keep it safer for a longer time and avoid water pipe clogging problems. 


Cleaning the Frigidaire ice maker machine is essential to keep its functions safe from wear and tear damages.

If you do not clean your ice-maker machine for longer, it may damage your machine and start producing smelly ice, which is not perfect for your drinks.

So, follow these cleaning steps and start cleaning your ice maker. Try to clean your ice maker once a month. It would help to avoid staining, rusting, and foul smell issues.

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