How To Clean Ice Maker With Vinegar

Want to keep your countertop ice maker neat and clean for longer? Then try vinegar to clean the countertop ice maker. It’s perfect to keep your ice maker safe and durable for longer.

It is quite simple and an effective method that cleans the ice maker and disinfects it to maintain longevity. You must be wondering how can vinegar help to clean your ice maker?

In this guide, I’ll tell you the process to clean ice maker with vinegar. However, you can use lemon juice also to keep it clean.

Note: Do not use any chemicals for cleaning your appliances. It may burn the coating and your machine can attract rust. However, you can use some certified cleaning solutions for ice maker cleaning.

How To Clean Ice Maker With Vinegar?

How To Clean An Ice Maker

Very easy to prepare an ideal vinegar solution and start cleaning your ice maker machine by following the simple steps below.

Step 1- Collect Equipment to Clean

The foremost thing is that you need to collect all the equipment and essentials required to clean the ice maker, like warm water, soft cloth, vinegar solution, spoon, pitcher, and a measuring cup.

It would be great to have baking soda and a soft toothbrush to clean the most difficult parts of the machine. 

Step 2- Disassemble The Icemaker

Before you proceed to clean the icemaker, do ensure to unplug the electricity supply and water supply.

Also, drain all the remaining water from the water tank completely before you proceed with cleaning.

Next, disassemble all the machine’s internal parts, such as the storage bin, ice collecting tray, scoop, and others. 

Last, remove the water filter from the ice maker if it is present in the machine. Then, run warm water on the machine parts to dislodge the remaining leftover ice on the machine’s coils. 

Step 3- Prepare the Cleaning Solution

The third step towards cleaning is solution preparation. It is essential to prepare the ideal solution with an appropriate concentration of vinegar because the concentration will determine the cleaning result. If it is accurate, it will help cut down the scales that deposit on the machine parts.

The solution is quite easy to prepare. In ten parts of the warm water, you need to add one part of vinegar. It would be great to use the white vinegar of any brand available in the market.

Though it has a pungent smell, it is effective in cleaning the machine. Once you prepare the solution, you can fill it into the spray bottle and keep it aside for future use.

Step 4- Start with Cleaning of Accessories

First, start with accessories. Take a soft, damp cloth and dip it into the cleaning solution. Squeeze an extra amount of the solution from the cloth.

Now, start running it with a softer hand on the accessories of the ice maker machine. 

If you feel difficulty with the damp cloth, then use the spray bottle. Start by spraying a little cleaning solution on the accessories and then wipe it up with a damp cloth or tissue paper.

Make sure to wipe it gently and rub it over the scale building place to remove the spots if present on the accessories.

Next, apply some baking soda on the water pipe as they get the stubborn stains that are difficult to clean with a cleaning solution. 

Use a toothbrush to clean the inner part of the water pipe or clean those areas you cannot reach. Once you are done cleaning the accessories, leave it for a few minutes and then rinse it with warm water. Do not forget to dry it with the help of a cloth. 

Step 5- Start Cleaning of Interior Parts

Now, it is time to clean the internal parts of the ice maker machine. Like you have done with the accessories, spray some amount of cleaning solution inside the machine. Then, start cleaning gently with the soft, damp cloth.

Use a toothbrush to reach the most difficult part of the machine or where your fingers can’t reach. Then, carefully clean the sharp areas or blade areas to avoid injury.

If possible, then use pure concentrated vinegar to clean the stubborn scale deposit and lime scales. The lime scales may invite bacteria which further create staining and make water unfit.

You can also make use of baking soda with a cleaning solution to improve the cleaning power.

Step 6- Assemble the Parts Again 

Once you are done with the cleaning solution, rinse the machine with warm water to remove the vinegar smell and let it dry.

Now, after the machine and accessories are dried completely, assemble the parts again. Place the filter back in place, fix the ice basket and water inlet.

Finally, switch on the machine by the plugin with electricity supply. 

Bottom Line

So, hope you have enjoyed the cleaning steps. Now, you can clean the countertop ice maker machine easily with the help of vinegar and by following the simple steps.

However, after cleaning, do ensure to fix all the parts properly to avoid any circumstances.