How To Clean Ice Maker in Freezer

Are you thinking of cleaning the ice maker but feel it is cumbersome? Here are a few hacks that help to clean the ice maker in the freezer easily without any hassles.

The built-in ice makers in the refrigerator are helpful in generating the ice. However, if you do not clean the refrigerator consistently, then the possibility is there you get cloudy ice and a weird smell.

When you notice such an issue in the ice maker of your freezer, then this is the time to clean the built-in ice maker in the refrigerator.

A lot of people avoid cleaning as they think it is a difficult process. But you need to know that if you don’t clean your ice maker for long, it may damage the internal parts.

In this blog, I’ll explain to you a stepwise guide about the cleaning process so that you can easily clean it. Let’s dive in.

What Are The Things You Need to Clean an Ice Maker?

Ice Maker Cleaning

Cleaning the ice-maker in the freezer is not rocket science that you can’t do by yourself. To clean your refrigerator, you need to have few things given below:

  • Knife: This will help to scrap the extra ice deposited on the sidewalls of the ice maker.
  • Ice Pick: It helps to extract the ice easily.
  • Dishwashing detergent: The dishwashing detergent is helpful to remove the dust, debris and stains that are present on the ice maker machine.
  • Rag: The piece of cloth to clean the internal part of the icemaker.
  • Bleach: A bleaching agent helps remove the stains and also helps to remove the foul smell. 
  • Vinegar: Vinegar helps to clean the stains and foul smells. Moreover, it helps to disinfect the ice-maker.

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How Often You Should Clean an Ice Maker?

Though there is no perfect time to clean the ice maker in the freezer, ideally, it is preferred to clean the ice maker twice a month.

However, it would be great if you cleaned after 15 days. This will help to keep your ice maker clean and avoid the fogginess of the ice.

If you don’t have enough time to clean the ice maker in the refrigerator regularly, you can clean the ice maker once a month. This would be great to improve the shelf life and keep the ice-maker clean.

What Are the Benefits of Cleaning an Ice-Maker Regularly?

Cleaning of the ice maker is essential to enhance longevity and prevent the formation of debris. There are so many benefits of cleaning the ice-maker regularly, which are as follows:

  • It helps to avoid the stingy smell of the ice, which may develop when you don’t clean the ice-maker for long.
  • It helps to keep the ice-maker clean and avoid the formation of bacterial films.
  • Cleaning is essential to remove the stains and keep them fresh for longer.
  • It improves the shelf life of the ice-maker.

How To Clean Ice Maker in Freezer?

How To Clean Ice Maker in Freezer

Here is the quick guide that helps to clean the ice-maker without any hassles. So let’s follow the steps and keep your ice-maker clean.

1. Turn Off the Freezer

Before cleaning the ice maker, turn off the freezer and remove the plug from the electricity. This is essential to avoid hazardous conditions.

If you clean the ice-maker when your refrigerator is on, then it may increase the chances of having an electric shock.

2. Scrap The Ice with Knife

Once you turn off the ice-maker, then empty the ice-maker of the freezer. Next, remove all the items present in the freezer.

When you finish the process, take a knife and scrape the remaining ice. Scrap the ice with the help of a knife carefully. Make sure you do not scratch or damage any ice maker parts.

You can also remove the remaining ice by defrosting the freezer. Defrosting may take a bit of your time, but this is the safest way of removing the unwanted ice that deposits on the walls of the ice-maker. Also, make sure to dump the loose ice into the bin to avoid spillage.

3. Prepare The Dishwash Solution

Before you start cleaning, prepare the dishwashing solution to clean the ice maker. Use warm water to make the solution.

However, if you don’t have the dishwasher solution during cleaning time, then you can use bleach powder and vinegar to prepare the cleaning solution.

You can use 1:1 of the bleaching powder and vinegar to create the mixture. Dilute the mixture if required. The ideal solution will help to remove the stains and dirt ideally.

4. Clean The Ice-maker 

Now take an adequate quantity of the dishwashing solution or the bleaching agent to clean the ice-maker. Use a moist cloth and dip it in the solution.

Start rubbing on the parts of the ice-maker. Do ensure to apply the solution all over the ice-maker.

Rub gently to remove the stains. Please use warm water to clean the solution. If you don’t want to use the cloth, take a spray bottle and fill the bottle with the cleaning solution.

Then, spray it on the parts of the ice maker of the freezer.

Once you dispense the dishwasher liquid on the ice-making machine, leave it for 20-30 minutes. This will help to clean the stains properly and reduce the smell.

5. Wash The Ice-Maker

Now, carefully wash the ice maker of the refrigerator with water. If you don’t want to meet with the cleaning mess, then use a damp cloth dipped in the water to clean it.

Always use warm water to clean the ice maker. Once the cleaning is done, you can leave it to dry completely.

6. Plug-In The freezer

When the ice-maker is dried thoroughly, resume the freezer by plugging it into the electricity plug. Switch on the freezer, and it is ready to use again.

Before you switch on the appliance, do ensure that the ice-maker is completely dried. If there is water, then use a dry cloth to wipe out all the remaining water.


Cleaning the ice maker will help to get consistent, clean ice. Moreover, it is also helpful to avoid the staining of the ice maker. So, if you want to clean the ice maker ideally, these are the easy steps to clean. Make sure to clean it regularly to avoid the fogginess of the ice, which can spoil the taste of the drinks.