Best Ice Shaver For Halo Halo

Who doesn’t love the snowy sweet cone treat in the summer? Be it carnivals or fairs, the fully shaved ice cones remain the favorite of everyone. 

But creating that fluffy snowy shaved ice can be a tricker at home. Blenders can crush the ice but don’t offer that soft consistency.

Fortunately, there are some ice shavers available that can shave ice, and give the perfect texture as you have in carnivals halo halo ice creams. Just switch on the machine, put some ice, and here you go, hear the gentle scraping sound, and the sweet dessert treat is ready. 

Considering the people’s choice in mind, budget and portability, below I’ve listed some of the best ice shavers for halo halo ice cream.

So, scroll it down, read the reviews and pick up the convincing one.

Halo Halo Shaved Ice (Filipino)

Halo Halo Filipino Ice Cream

The ultimate refreshing treat for summer is halo halo ice cream, a snowy ice cream made with shaved ice and evaporated milk. Many people add some more layers of sweetened nuts, beans, and fruits to make it foggy and creamy.

Best Ice Shaver For Halo Halo

Here I will bring you some of the best ice shaver machines that are praised by the passionate reviewers and researchers on Amazon. Take a look at these ice shavers and pick up the best one.

  1. Nostalgia Countertop Ice Shaver
  2. Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine
  3. VIVOHOME Electric Ice Shaver
  4. MANBA Ice Shaver For Halo Halo
  5. Costzon Commercial Ice Shaver

1. Nostalgia Countertop Ice Shaver


  • Stylish and portable size to fit anywhere.
  • Durable blades for perfect ice shaving.
  • Built-in shaving mechanism that keeps your hand safe.
  • Accessories included making ice shaver cones.
  • Easy to use.


  • Can hold only 20 ounces is ice at one time.

Get the perfect consistency of snowy ice cones at home with a Nostalgia countertop ice shaver. This small handy unit looks even so graceful in your home corners. You get snow cone kits, including cups, straw, and snow cone syrup that help create perfect cones pretty easily. 

Features stainless steel blades for quick ice shaving. The 360-degree view chamber provides a clear view of the inside where ice is collected. IT has a side shelf used to hold the cones and add your snow cone syrup without making a mess.

2. Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine


  • Stainless steel blades for precision cuts.
  • Simple to use and get crunchy ice.
  • Innovative and easy to install design.
  • One year manufacturing warranty.
  • Blades can be adjusted to get desired texture of ice.


  • The frame is flimsy.
  • No accessories comes with pack.

Innovative design and compact size are just marvelous of this portable machine. After reading so many positive reviews, I decided to pick this up in my top ice shaver machine list. This is a three-piece design machine that is quite easy to assemble. 

Simple to use and has fine blades that allow you to shave the ice and have perfect snow cones. However, the function does not just end here; you can even create snowballs, margaritas, slushies, and many more.

3. VIVOHOME Electric Ice Shaver


  • Highly resistant to water.
  • Aesthetic design that looks elegant in your kitchen space.
  • Strong and durable stainless-steel blade.
  • Maximum ice shaving capacity.
  • Easy cleaning mechanism system.


  • Need to break the ice into pieces.
  • The snow channel block sometime.

With a perfect stainless-steel frame and excellent ice shaving consistency, you’ll get everything in this VIVOHOME electric ice shaver.

It can shave up to 143 lbs of ice within one hour. Besides that, it runs on a powerful motor and has sharp stainless-steel blades. Its heavy cast durable base offers superb stability on the workstation.

From fluffy textured snow to snowy consistency ice, you can easily get any form of ice with this portable ice shaver machine. The best part is it has an automatic shut-off mechanism that stops the machine when the hopper handle is open.

4. MANBA Ice Shaver For Halo Halo


  • Three different blades for better consistency of ice.
  • Convenient to use.
  • The portable size that fits on kitchen counter space.
  • No electricity needed to run.
  • Free accessories like silicone ice cube tray.


  • Require manual work to shave ice.
  • Only shave 15 ice cubes at one time .

Want to have the best ice shaver for halo halo in an affordable range? MANBA is the best model to have. It has a simple design that fits on your kitchen countertop easily. It can create snow ice from the ice blocks within a few minutes. 

The stainless-steel blades can crush the ice and give it the perfect texture for drinks, margaritas, slushies, and many more. In contrast, the machine is easy to clean and efficient to use. If you need a budget ice shaver that works like a pro, look no further and pick this.

5. Costzon Commercial Ice Shaver


  • Sturdier design and easy to clean.
  • Can shave up to 440lbs of ice in one hour.
  • Perfect for restaurants and snack stands.
  • Stainless steel frame.
  • 1440 RPM speed for faster shaving of the ice.


  • Not for home usage.
  • Bulkier design.

Costzon is the best commercial ice shaver for halo halo. It features dual blades that give a double cutter head for the snowy texture of the ice. It can crush around 440lbs of ice per hour. It has a strong and sturdy make-up that lasts longer.

Besides that, it also has an acrylic container that can hold crushed ice easily. Even though it has a bulkier design, it still requires minimum maintenance in the long run. Due to dual blades, it can be used for multipurpose.

Best Ice Shaver For Halo Halo Buying Guide

Arguably, there are so many models of ice shavers present on Amazon. Thus, picking up the right one from the bundle of products is always a daunting job. So, here are some key tips that help you choose the best ice shaver model for you.

Size of machine

The best ice shaver machines are available in different sizes and designs. So, make sure to buy those ice shavers that fit in your kitchen ideally.

However, you can also choose the bulkier machines if you have extra space in your kitchen. Some ice shaver machines are more portable and fit in small kitchen spaces too. You can go for this kind of ice shaver machine too.


To get the fluffy consistency of the ice, you must consider those ice shaver machines that have a dual blade and have sharp edges.

Prefer to have those machines with stainless steel blades because these blades are highly durable and provide you the perfect consistency of the ice you want to have.


There are many ice shaver machines available in different styles and designs that you love to have. But don’t go over the cute little plastic-designed machine as they are brittle and don’t last long.

Always choose the design that not only looks stylish but also provides durability to the machine. Ideally, I prefer to have machines that have a steel body.

Ice holding capacity

The best ice shaver machines come with excellent ice holding capacity. If you prefer to have a portable ice shaver, then always go with those machines that can hold at least 20 ounces of ice at one time.

However, some models are also there that help to handle the maximum amount of shaved ice at one time.

Final Verdict

Halo Halo ice shavers can be your helping hand when you want to enjoy the snowy ice cream at home. So, now you have the five best ice shavers for halo halo ice cream, which are durable, portable, and budget-friendly too. Plus, I’ve covered the buying guide that helps you to make a better decision about the ice-shaver machines.

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