Best Flake Ice Makers Of (2022)

The summer is knocking, and your body requires more liquid. You can enjoy this summer with your favorite juice and drinks. If you’re from those who prefer flake ice rather than refrigerator ice cubes in your drinks, then this article is for you.

You cannot run to a juice parlor or bar every time. It would be best to buy a good quality flake ice maker for your home. Just install the ice maker somewhere at your home and enjoy this summer with varieties of soft drinks and cocktails.

This article is about flake ice makers, so that we will stick to this. We know it’s tough to find the best flake ice maker for home use. It requires hours of research, one-hand experience, and lots of effort.

We don’t want to waste your time; hence we have done in-depth research. After hours of research and checking customers’ feedback, we have prepared a list of the top 5 flake ice machines for home and commercial use.

Best Flake Ice Makers– Home & Commercial Use

  1. SZB-20 Automatic Flake Ice Maker – (Top Pick)
  2. VBENLEM 44LBS Flake Ice Machine
  3. Little Snowie Max Flake Ice Maker – (Budget-friendly)
  4. HTH 44LBS Crushed Ice Maker
  5. VBENLEM 220LBS Flake Ice Machine – (Commercial Use)

1. SZB-20 Automatic Flake Ice Maker

SBZ-20 is a freestanding flake ice maker that produces 44 pounds of flake ice every day. The build quality is excellent. It’s made from high-grade stainless steel.

The SZB-20 flake machine produces 44 pounds of ice in 24hours. It’s perfect for a small bar, restaurants, and home use.

The company provides a 1-year warranty. The quality of ice is excellent for various beverages and cocktails. If you’re looking for the best flake ice maker, then this is a perfect choice.


  • The build quality is excellent.
  • The product is durable.
  • It’s made from stainless steel.
  • The company has responsive customer support.
  • It produces 44lbs crushed ice in 24 hours.


  • It’s quite bulky because stainless steel body.

2. VBENLEM 44LBS Flake Ice Maker

If all members of your family love shaved ice then this ice maker is a good choice. It produces approx 20kg (44lbs) shaved ice in 24 hours. This flake ice machine is suitable for a large family.

In fact, it’s sufficient to fulfill the need for flaked ice in a small restaurant and bar. The build quality and finishing are adorable. It’s made from 304 stainless steel.

This flaked ice maker has an efficient compressor of 270W. The machine has got ETL approval for faster cooling, efficiently operating, and silent operating. You can install it in your kitchen or garage and enjoy your favorite drinks.


  • It has an efficient 270W compressor.
  • The build quality is good.
  • It has got ETL approval.
  • It comes with an ice scoop.
  • The package contains all fittings and accessories.


  • It’s bulky because of stainless steel.
  • It’s not easily portable.

3. Little Snowie Max Flake Ice Maker

Are you looking for a budget-friendly snow cone maker? You can buy this Little Snowie Max ice shaver for home use.

It’s one of the best portable flake ice makers that produce fluffy ice for snow cones and soft drinks. It looks cute in the kitchen and can be used outdoor too.

If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a flaked ice machine, this is a good alternative. It comes with six stick kits and snow cone syrup that your kids will enjoy.


  • It’s a budget-friendly flake ice maker.
  • It’s highly portable and be used in outdoor gatherings.
  • It looks cute on the kitchen countertop.
  • It’s suitable for home and office use.
  • It produces fluffy snow within a minute.


  • Not suitable if there’s a high demand for flake ice.
  • You need to add ice from an ice maker or freezer.

4. HTH 44LBS Crushed Ice Maker

If you hate adding water manually then buy HTH crushed ice machine. It’s a fully automatic flake ice maker that has the capacity to produce 44 pounds of ice every day.

This ice maker has a storage bin of 11 pounds. If you’re looking for commercial use then this is perfect. It’s very suitable for bakeries, restaurants, cold drink shops, etc. Also, the taste of flake ice seems great.


  • It’s a fully automatic flake ice maker.
  • It’s suitable for commercial use.
  • It can be used for home bars and coffee shops.
  • It’s made from stainless steel.
  • You can keep it turn ON for 24 hours.


  • It’s not easily portable.
  • The weight of this ice maker is 75 pounds.

5. VBENLEM Commercial Flake Ice Machine

At last but not least, this shaved ice machine is perfect for commercial use. This commercial flake ice maker produces irregular snow ice, pure, healthy, and of unadulterated flavor.

The VBENLEM commercial ice maker has the capacity to produce 220LBS of flaked ice every day. The inner ice container is made from food-grade material while the outer casing is made from stainless steel.

This best flake ice maker is packed with a powerful 580W compressor. It’s ETL approved for high efficiency and noise-free operation.


  • The high production capacity of 220 pounds per day.
  • It’s highly durable.
  • The build quality is great.
  • The brand provides 1-year of warranty.
  • It has got ETL approval.
  • It has a digital notification and control panel.


  • Not suitable for residential purposes.
  • It’s not portable.

How do you make flaky ice?

The process of flake ice making is easy with flake ice machines. You just need to fill the water reservoir and plug the cord. There are many popular flake ice makers. A few top-rated products we have listed above. Please check them out.

What is the difference between nugget and flake ice?

Nugget ice is the most loved ice for cocktail lovers. It’s made from flake ice. Flake ice is a kind of shaved ice and when it is compressed in a cube shape, it becomes nugget ice.

Is there a portable ice maker that makes crushed ice?

There are many countertop ice makers that make crushed ice at home. Some top-rated crushed ice makers are listed above.

What ice maker makes ice like Chick Fil A

Chick Fil A is soft and chewable ice that is frequently used in sugary drinks. If you want to make Chick Fil type ice then buy an Opal nugget ice maker.

Can you make sonic ice at home?

Yes! It’s possible to make sonic ice at home. We have reviewed many countertop sonic ice makers that made it easy to make sonic ice at a low cost.

Final Verdict

Do not stop yourself from enjoying this summer with your favorite drinks. These best flake ice makers are perfect for home and commercial purposes. Depending upon your daily requirement, choose one from the above.