The Lower Depths Pubs & Beer Bar

Located at Commonwealth Ave, Boston, The Lower Depths is a favorite destination for enjoying drinks. It’s of the most popular and premium bar and dining restaurant in Kenmore Square, Boston.

The Lower Depths

At this place, you’ll be served hot dogs, tater tots, and tacos, etc. Alongside that, you’ll have the option to choose from various wines, beer, whiskey, margarita, and other frozen drinks.


476 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, 02115

Opening Hours

Mon-Thu 4pm-1am; Fri-Sun 11:30am-1am

Enjoy Chilled Beer at The Lower Depths

The Lower Depth is the best place to enjoy chilled beer alongside other drinks. You’ll get the country’s best quality premium beer here. Lots of people come along with friends to enjoy beer parties.

We’re Wrapping Now

Welcome To The Lower Depths Pubs and Beer Bar, Kenmore Square, Boston. We have served great food and drinks in the city. We hope you enjoyed our hot dogs, tater tots, and tacos, along with an extensive list of regional, national, and international beers.

And that’s a wrap. We’re moving on to some new adventures as of July 1st. Cheers to 15 amazing years and all of our awesome regulars!” It is not yet known what might happen to the space, so stay tuned for updates as they come in.

We’re closing our outlet but you can make great drinks at your home bar too. You need some appliances and recipes to make great food and drinks.

Ice Makers

You simply can not make a great cocktail with refrigerator ice. Because refrigerator ice cubes aren’t a great choice for drinks. We hope you enjoyed Soft, Crunchy, and Chewable Ice Cubes at The Lower Depths bar. We used to serve you Nugget Ice and Clear Ice mostly. Hence you need the best ice maker for great drinks.

Few More Tips For Better Drinking Experience

There are lots of things you need to consider while making your drink amazing. But ice cubes play a crucial role in that. It gives better taste, smoothness, visual experience, and a lot more.

So, you should consider the following things before making your cocktail exceptional-

1. Avoid Refrigerator Ice

Refrigerators are meant to keep your food cold and safe for a longer duration. Ice made in refrigerators is not that soft and crunchier. Also, it’s not tasteless and odorless too because you stored lots of product in the same ambient. Hence, it changes the real taste of your drink.

You can buy a good countertop ice maker for the home bar. It barely cost around $200 and gives you soft and crunchy ice quickly.

2. Clean Your Ice Maker

You should clean your ice maker regularly. It’s recommended to clean your ice makers every week for clear and odorless ice cubes. The countertop ice maker cleaning process is very easy. You don’t need any additional chemicals to clean it. Just use Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon Juice to clean interiors.

3. Use Clear Ice Balls in Whiskey

Clear ice cubes look luxurious in a transparent wine glass. The temperature of clean ice cubes is very low. It also melts slowly in your drink. Hence it keeps your whiskey cold for longer and does not dilute the real taste.