Scotsman CU50GA Undercounter Ice Maker Review

If you ever ask anyone about the best under-counter ice maker, then you always see the Scotsman CU50GA ice maker machine on the top-rated list. 

Well, there are many reasons why this ice maker hits the top place in all review posts, out of which the foremost reason is its portability and consistent ice-making speed.

So, if you want to buy this Scotsman CU50GA-1A ice maker, then have a look at this detailed post.

In this post, I’ll provide your in-depth review of this ice-making machine which helps you make a better decision about the ice maker.

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Scotsman CU50GA Ice Maker Review


  • Stainless steel durable frame.
  • Digital control panel.
  • 26lbs ice making capacity.
  • Easy cleaning and water impurity detector.
  • The large water reservoir system.


  • A bit expensive than other.
  • Ice holding capacity can be better.

Scotsman CU50GA under-counter ice maker is an excellent machine for small café and restaurants. This under-counter ice maker machine can produce around 65lbs of ice within 24 hours.

This gourmet ice cubes-making machine fits snuggly under the counter of your kitchen.

Let’s read the post…

Product Overview

Scotsman CU50GA ice maker is laced with exclusive features, which makes it a worthier option under this price range. Because of its powerful motor, a condenser can produce a batch of ice in less than seven minutes. 

This under-counter ice maker is highly versatile and produces crystal clear ice nuggets consistently. The best part of this machine is the sturdier design which gives it exceptional stability and enhances the machine’s durability. 

So, if you are looking for a worthier ice-making machine with extensive features, without any doubt, buy this exclusive ice maker model. 

Technical Specification 

Scotsman Cu50GA ice maker boasts uncountable features, which shows that this machine is no less than any high-end ice maker.

The ice nuggets produced by this machine have a slow-melting nature, which ensures that they wouldn’t dilute the drinks faster. 

It comes with a freestanding design and portable size, which doesn’t consume much space in your kitchen. In addition to this, it has some technical specifications, which are as follows: 

  • Gourmet-style ice cubes that don’t melt quickly.
  • 26lbs water storing tank and large capacity ice basket which hold a huge amount of ice.
  • The sturdier metal frame that lasts longer.
  • The quick automatic operating system allows you to operate the machine without any hassles.
  • Automatic cleaning option which ensures proper cleaning.
  • A portable size that can easily fit under the kitchen counter without consuming much space.
  • Weightless than 100lbs, which makes it lightweight and sturdier.
  • Gravity draining features to drain water.


Scotsman CU50GA-1A has so many incredible features which never let you down. This under-counter ice maker can produce ice quickly and smoothly.

Its powerful condenser can produce around 65lbs of ice in one day. Other impressive features are as follows: 

  • The digital control panel has an automatic on/off button, clean button, quick freezing button, and water adding button, which help to control everything easily.
  • It features a large-capacity ice bucket that can hold a huge amount of ice at one time.
  • Strong and durable handles for easy handling and operation.
  • A powerful condenser and motor for quick freezing and consistent ice.
  • Excellent water reservoir system that helps to hold a large amount of water.
  • Noise-free operation.
  • Water sense technology which can easily detect the impurity in the water.

Build Quality 

Scotsman CU50GA is not only an ice maker machine but also a sturdier machine made with high-quality stainless-steel material. Due to its strong metallic frame, it can withstand any weather condition and provide you crystal clear ice for a long time.

Also, its highly rust-resistant water outlet pipes are made from durable plastic material, which offers you long-term performance. In addition to this, it features an ice holding basket that is made with durable material. 

The water reservoir system is made with superior quality material, which further enhances the value of this under-counter ice maker machine.

So, you get the surety that you don’t have wear and tear damage issues and get ice consistently for a longer time. 


If you are thinking about the performance of this ice maker machine, then it won’t disappoint you.

Due to its strong condenser and powerpack motor, it has the capacity to ready a batch of ice within 7-8 minutes. But what I love about this ice maker is, it consumes less energy. 

Besides that, this under-counter ice maker machine can provide you 65 lbs of ice within one day. Scotsman CU50GA features an automatic control panel that helps to handle the machine like a breeze. 

Also, the water reservoir system is helpful to hold maximum water, which is sufficient to produce five to live batches of ice without any trouble.

Performance-wise, this ice maker machine gives head-to-head competition to the exclusive ice-making machines. 

Post-Sale Service

Only a few ice-making machines offer after-sales services, and Scotsman belongs to a few brands that offer excellent services. This means if somehow your ice maker gets damaged within the manufacturing period, you get free post-sale service. 

Moreover, suppose your ice maker all of a sudden stops working. In that case, you can easily assign the complaint by contacting the company’s customer support system and get technical support at your doorstep. 

Overall Experience

Overall, Scotsman CU50GA is an excellent budget-buy ice maker machine for small restaurants. I personally like its portable size, which fits into the kitchen space easily without consuming space. Moreover, its condenser is exceptionally powerful, which helps to produce ice within a few minutes. 

Plus, the digital control panel makes the operation easier. The best thing is it has an auto-cleaning feature which allows you to clean the machine without meeting with a mess.


So, here I round up the review post of the Scotsman CU50GA under-counter ice maker. Overall, I would say that this ice maker offers you so many extensive features such as a digital control panel and compact design.

If you are thinking of having a compact under-counter ice maker machine, look no further and hit on the click button to purchase this ice maker.