How To Make Clear Ice At Home

Do you love crystal clear ice rather than cloudy ice for whiskey, cocktails, or any other frozen drinks? Have you wondered how they’re made? In this guide, we will learn how to make clear ice at home.

Also, we shall discuss the major difference between clear ice vs. white ice (cloudy ice).

Interesting right?…

So, let’s start with a comparison chart between clear ice vs. cloudy ice…

Clear Ice Vs Cloudy Ice

Clear IceCloud Ice
It melts slowly.It melts faster.
Clear ice is pure water.Cloudy ice contains some water impurities.
Clear ice is odorless and tastes better.It doesn’t taste like clear ice.
Clear ice is denser.The density of cloudy is not high.

These are some major differences between clear ice and white ice (cloudy ice). Also, Clear ice looks adorable and admirable when mixed with cocktails or margaritas.

What is Clear Ice?

From the name itself, you understand that clear ice is a type of ice that is transparent. Some people call it gourmet ice too. So, please don’t get confused by its surname.

It’s a form of ice that doesn’t contain any cloudiness or bubbles inside the ice cube. Clear ice cubes are most demandable in cocktails and various cold drinks. It melts quite slower than cloudy ice cubes.

Why Clear Ice Is Better

What Makes Ice Cloudy?

If you normally freeze the water, it takes the shape of cloudy ice. Are you thinking- why is my ice maker making cloudy ice? There are a lot’s reasons behind that.

When you freeze water in an ice tray, it’s starts freezing from our surface. The water molecules start making ice crystals and push the air and water containment towards the center.

The air molecules present in water don’t find a way to go out. Hence it oxidates and forms cloudy ice. It might also be possible that your ice maker is dirty or your water has many impurities.

If your ice maker is making cloudy ice, you should immediately clean it with an Apple Cider Vinegar solution. Read this ice maker cleaning guide to learn useful tips.

Why is Clear Ice So Clear?

When you decrease water temperature to its freezing point (i.e., 0°C), it starts changing its states. It looks so clear when no water bubbles or impurities are trapped into the ice.

If you freeze the tap water into an ice tray, then it most probably takes the form of cloudy ice. That’s why in this guide, we shall learn- how to make clear ice at home.

What To Consider For Making Clear Ice?

These are a few things to consider for making clear ice cubes-

  • Your freezer should be clean.
  • Water should pure. (Distilled water is preferable)
  • Water should freeze in one direction.
  • No air bubbles should be trapped in it.

How To Make Clear Ice Cubes At Home

How To Make Clear Ice

The water supplied to your tap is treated with lots of chemicals. There is a very rare chance that you’ll get clear ice with the usual freezing method.

Follow these steps to make clear ice at home-

1. Boil The Water

First of all, wash your pan and take a drinking water bottle into it. Now, turn ON the gas flame or induction to boil the water.

2. Cool The Water

Once you boil the water, place it on your kitchen countertop. Don’t cool it inside your freezer.

3. Pour Warm Water in Ice Tray

Pour it into the ice tray once your boiled water comes slightly above room temperature.

4. Freeze it Slowly

Now start freezing it slowly. Once you start freezing the water slowly, there are chances that air present in the water escapes out.

5. Take Out the Ice from Freezer

Take out the ice tray from your freezer after a few hours (6-8 hours). Now, wait for a few minutes (2-5 minutes), then remove the ice from the ice tray.

You’ll get almost clear ice.

Note– You can use distilled water for the best result because distilled water doesn’t contain impurities.

How To Make Clear Ice Quickly (Easy Method)

If you don’t want to waste so much time making just a few pieces of clear ice cubes, follow this method.

Get a Portable Clear Ice Maker for your home.

There are many portable clear ice makers available that produce clear ice cubes in just 12-15 minutes. You can purchase them online.

If you want to know which is the best clear ice maker, read this article.

We have personally tested various clear and nugget ice makers for home, so you don’t need to waste your time on research. Our team has also spent many hours researching and checking customers’ reviews before making a list of the best ice makers.


To make clear ice cubes at home, you need distilled water in a lukewarm state. Also, you need to slowly freeze the water so that no air bubbles are trapped in it. This way, you can make clear ice cubes for cocktails and whiskey. Else, you can buy a good portable clear ice cubes maker for your home.