Best Ice Maker For Wet Bar

There’s nothing mind refreshing than sipping refreshing chilled cocktails and other beverages. However, for chilled refreshing drinks, you need an ice maker that provides you with perfect ice cubes. An under-counter ice maker is a suitable option that works efficiently. 

At the same time, choosing the best ice maker for home bar that fits your counter space is a challenging job. You’ve to look after so many things, like space, quality, type of ice generated and most crucial amount of ice you need.

Thus, to help you out, we’ve selected the best ice maker for a wet bar. We’ve considered several features such as storage, size, noise level, and enlisting these options.

Best Ice Maker For Wet Bar

Wet Bar

So, let’s look at the reviews and find out the best ice makers who are suitable for wet bars-

1. Scotsman CU50GA Gourmet Ice Maker

Scotsman CU50GA Gourmet Ice Maker
  • PRODUCTION: Produces up to 64 lb. of gourmet ice in 24 hours and stores up to 26 lb. of ice.
  • COMPACT: 15” cabinet width for placement in tight locations.
  • QUALITY: Uniquely-shaped, crystal-clear, slow-melting, taste-free, odorless ice - won’t dilute the flavor of drinks.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Water-quality sensor detects hard water conditions and control system purges mineral laden water with every harvest cycle, which helps extend the time between cleanings.
  • EASY-TO-USE: User-friendly control panel informs whether power is on, alerts a no-water condition, and a time to clean reminder.

Scotsman CU50GA is a heavy-duty ice maker machine ideal for commercial and home usage. It can produce 26 pounds of ice. Within 24 hours, it can produce 65 pounds of ice. This model features a water-quality sensor that effortlessly detects hard water conditions and bacteria-laden water.

Very easy to use, and the crystal-clear ice that you get from this ice maker is perfect for flavored drinks. The intuitive control panel allows you to control the machine easily. Moreover, it sends you alerts when the machine is empty and has no water supply.

Besides that, it also features a clean reminder that helps to remind you about cleaning time. It comes with adjustable legs to help you quickly adjust the height based on your counter space.

Overall, this residential under-counter ice maker is ideal for home parties and restaurants. The stainless-steel body makes it durable and long-lasting. The ice cubes are perfect for all forms of beverages.


  • Easy to use and has an intuitive control panel.
  • Generate 26 lbs of ice.
  • Water quality sensor that helps to detect the hard water condition.
  • Easily adjustable legs.


  • It creates noise.
  • Need to empty container frequently.

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2. GE Opal Nugget Ice Maker

GE Opal Nugget Ice Maker
  • Note : Please check the dimension and item weight of the product and confirm it fits your space
  • OPAL NUGGET ICE, THE GOOD ICE - Serve up chewable, crunchable, craveable nugget ice that's ready fast and retains its flavor, unlike traditional hard cubes; Refreshing nugget ice is made from compacted ice flakes and is perfect for cocktails, sodas and other beverages
  • 24 POUNDS OF ICE PER DAY - Never run out of nugget ice; This ice maker produces one pound of fresh ice per hour and has a large-capacity bin that holds up to 3lbs of crunchable nugget ice
  • SMART - Built-In Bluetooth Connectivity: Schedule fresh ice, monitor your ice maker�s status and order accessories, all through the app on your smartphone
  • BATCH MADE ICE - Innovative design avoids clumping and leaks by recirculating melted ice to the 0.5 gallon water reservoir; You'll always have fresh ice on hand thanks to a smart, automatic ice maker that refills when your ice is running low

The main reason to add GE Opal to our review list is its ergonomic design and ice-producing capacity. This device provides soft chewable, and crunchy nugget ice at one.

Opal nugget ice maker has the incredible capacity of producing 24 pounds of ice within 24 hours.

It means you never run out of the ice. Aside from this, you can use a large capacity bin that can hold up to 3 lbs of nugget ice at one time.

It has built-in Bluetooth connectivity that easily handles the ice maker. With this, you can easily schedule ice generation.

Its innovative design help to avoid leaking and clumping issues. The best thing about this Opal ice maker is that it recirculates the melted ice, allowing you to save about 0.5 gallons of water.

It’s highly portable and easy to fit on your counter space. Moreover, it consumes less time in comparison to others.

Furthermore, it has an automatic refilling option that refills water to generate ice—best for home usage and small restaurants.


  • Innovative design and no leaking issues.
  • Very portable and energy-efficient.
  • The recirculating feature that recycles melted ice water.
  • Extra-large storage bin.


  • Non-returnable.
  • It is pricey.

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3. Frigidaire EFIC245-SS Crunchy Ice Maker

Frigidaire EFIC245-SS Crunchy Ice Maker
  • Note : Please check the dimension and item weight of the product and confirm it fits your space.frequency : 60 hertz
  • DESIGNED FOR CONVENIENCE: This convenient, stainless steel ice maker looks good on a countertop while producing ice and water for whenever or wherever you need it - perfect for offices, family kitchens, dorms & more.
  • QUICK-FREEZING ICE: Makes 14 small or large bullet-shaped ice cubes in as little as 10 minutes, making it hard to ever run out of ice
  • CRUSHED ICE: With just a touch of a button you can enjoy chewable crushed ice just like from your favorite restaurant
  • WATER DISPENSER: Conveniently doubles up as a water dispenser - simply push the button behind the dispenser to get fresh, cold water. A water line hook up is available so you can have a continuous flow to your ice maker

Frigidaire EFIC245-SS is designed for convenience and is great for offices, small restaurants, dorms, and homes. It allows you to freeze the ice quickly.

At one time, this allows you to make 14 small and large size bullet-shaped ice cubes in less than 10 minutes.

The ice maker is worthier if running a small restaurant. Its water dispenser is highly convenient and allows you to dispense off the water with just one click. Moreover, it has a sizeable ice-making capacity and produces 33 lbs of ice within 24 hours.

Its digital control panel help to control the machine easily. With just one click, you can produce ice within no time.

The quick-freezing technology allows you to make ice instantly and let you enjoy chilled drinks anytime. The machine is the perfect solution for small restaurants.


  • Quickly generate the ice in less than one minute.
  • Water dispense system to dispense off water.
  • Generate 33 lbs of ice at one time.
  • Digital control panel.


  • It isn’t quiet.
  • Large size bullets stick to each other.

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4. CROWNFUL Countertop Ice Maker

CROWNFUL Countertop Ice Maker
  • [Efficient Ice Maker] The CROWNFUL Portable Ice Maker has a built-in 1.8L large reservoir and produces up to 9 pieces of ice cubes in just 8 minutes and up to 26lbs in 24 hours. The melted ice water will flow into the reservoir again and will be used for the ice-making process. It is energy-saving and works efficiently.
  • [Smart Reminder] The ice maker will automatically alert you when the ice is full. The sensors will automatically detect and stop making ice when ice is full; the moving ice basket makes the ice cubes more convenient to take. Please note the ice maker is not a freezer. You need to use the ice ASAP or transfer it to your freezer.
  • [Transparent Lid] The transparent lid allows you to clearly see the ice making process and the remaining water amount inside without opening the cover.
  • [Two Ice Size] This ice machine has two ice sizes to choose from. Different ice cube sizes are suitable for a variety of beverage needs. Large ice cubes are not easy to melt and small ice cubes are ideal to cool drinks quickly. Simple and compact style is perfect for home/party/office/RV.
  • [After Sales] The package comes with a 12-month warranty and lifetime support, so that if you have any questions or if you have any concerns with the product, please feel free to contact us.

This is the right countertop ice maker if you want to enjoy perfect chilling drinks and serve your clients in restaurants.

The portable ice maker can produce 26 lbs of ice within 24 hours. It fits your wet bar counter space incredibly.

It features an intelligent reminder that automatically sends the alert signals when the icebox is filled with ice.

The sensor can detect the ice container and stop making ice when the box is filled with ice. Plus, the ice basket is easy to remove, so you don’t feel hassles in emptying the container.

It is highly energy-efficient and a time saver. Moreover, it comes with a transparent lid which allows you to check when the ice is processing and efficiently track the water amount present inside the maker without opening the cover.

This portable ice maker produces bullet-shaped ice cubes which melt slowly. It comes with a 12-year warranty and lifetime support.


  • Generate 26 lbs of ice.
  • The portable size that fits counter space easily.
  • Smart reminder to detect when need to fill.
  • Transparent lid for easy monitoring.
  • Lifetime support.


  • Ice basket capacity is less.
  • Technical support is a slow responder.

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5. Euhomy Countertop Clear Ice Maker

Euhomy Countertop Clear Ice Maker
  • HIGH-QUALITY ICE CUBES - Euhomy's silver countertop ice maker machine can produce 24 ice cubes per cycle (every 12 to 18 minutes). That means you can make up to 40 pounds of ice cubes every 24 hours. Best of all, you can adjust the thickness of the ice cubes according to your needs, letting you create perfect drinks. AUTOMATIC CLEANING FUNCTION - Press the "TIMER" button for more than 5 seconds to enter the automatic cleaning function. (Please clean your ice machine regularly)
  • LCD & DIGITAL DISPLAY - Electronic controls for ease of use. Features an easy-to-read push-button digital design for comfortable use. Timer with up to 8-hour delay. Offers on-time ice production. When there is not enough water in the water tank, the indicator will light up, reminding you to add more water. Or when the ice bucket is full, the ice maker will remind you to remove the extra ice cubes, so the ice maker can start to make more ice.
  • WATER RECYCLING SYSTEM - A portable ice maker machine holds up to 2.2 liters of water, minimizing how often you need to refill it. When filled, it can produce 5 cycles of ice cubes, making 120 ice cubes! It contains a recycling system, collecting melted water and filtering it to be reused ensuring that no water is wasted. It may sound high-tech, but all you have to do is open the cover of the water reservoir, pour in water, and you are ready to start making delicious ice cubes.
  • EFFICIENT & QUIET COOLING - This silver ice maker countertop top-rated prime is equipped with the most advanced refrigeration technology. We use efficient compressors in order to ensure that your ice maker will produce the highest quality ice cubes. Also, this is not a noisy, heat-producing appliance. Best ice makers' countertops are equipped with a quick and quiet cooling system. This not only helps you save energy but also keeps the nugget ice machine cool and ensures a quiet environment.
  • USER-FRIENDLY - Freestanding design stainless steel portable ice maker allows versatile placement. The idea for your home, office, kitchen, bar, or coffee shop. The removable ice basket stores up to 2.2 lbs. of ice at a time, ensuring that you have ice ready whenever you need it, and it comes with an ice scoop to facilitate ice removal. It's easy to clean, use, control and transport. For best results, keep the tabletop ice maker machine upright for at least 24 hours before first using it.

Euphony countertop clear ice maker is one of the best clear ice makers that produce high-quality clear ice cubes for whiskey. Within 24 hours, it can generate 40 pounds of ice.

The best thing about this machine is it has an automatic cleaning function. You need to press the button, and it is ready to clean the ice maker.

Plus, it comes with a digital display and LCD electronic control that help to operate the machine easily. The water recycling feature recycles the melted ice water and saves about 2.2 liters of water in each cycle.

It is very convenient to operate and has advanced refrigeration technology, which helps to make ice quickly.

Its user-friendly design makes it a portable and worthier option for the home, office, and restaurants usage.


  • Innovative design and digital control panel.
  • Water recycling system.
  • 40 pounds of ice within 24 hours.
  • Automatic cleaning function.


  • Ice chunks stick to each other.
  • Repairing hassles.

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The ice maker can sort a lot of trouble or serve ice consistently. So, now you have the five best ice makers for wet bars. The models reviewed here are durable and excellent options for small restaurants and home parties. Now, you can easily select the ice maker that fits your need the most.