How To Reset Euhomy Countertop Ice Maker

Euhomy is a popular brand that manufactures countertop ice makers. In fact, it manufactures lightweight and portable ice makers for home and office use. They have thousands of satisfied customers. Despite being good quality, sometimes it stops making ice cubes. In order to fix it, you can reset the ice maker.

In this guide, I’m going to explain- How To Reset Euhomy Ice Maker. So, if your ice maker is not making ice or not dispensing in the ice bin, read this guide. I’m pretty sure you’ll fix the Euhomy countertop ice maker by yourself.

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How Does Euhomy Countertop Ice Maker Work?

Euhomy Ice Maker Machine

The theoretical process is similar to your refrigerator. It works on thermodynamic principles. It completes all four cycles of refrigeration viz. Compression, Condensation, Expansion, and Evaporation.

But, the actual design is a little bit different than refrigerators. That’s why the refrigerator takes 30-50 minutes to produce ice cubes but the countertop ice maker only takes 8-12 minutes.

Let’s see, how does a countertop ice maker work-

Compressor: Your countertop ice maker has a powerful compressor installed inside the cabinet. The compressor is filled with refrigerant.

Fan: When you turn ON the ice maker, you’ll experience the noise of a fan. The fan work as a condensation unit which decreases the temperature of the compressed refrigerant.

Expansion Valve: When you open the entire cabinet, you’ll see some thin pipes. It more looks like a metal wire. These pipes work as an expansion valve and it decreases the pressure of refrigerant due to which temperature also decreased to -20-30°C.

Extended Metal Tubes: If you open the lid of your countertop ice maker, you’ll see the extended metal tubes where ice cubes are frozen. It works as an evaporative unit.

Generally, there are 9 metal tubes are exposed. These tubes are extremely cold because low-temperature refrigerants flow through them. When water comes in contact with these tubes, it starts freezing and taking the shape of the cylindrical ice cube.

The entire process is controlled with various sensors. Whenever your ice maker not making ice, most of the time, it’s because of faulty sensors. You can reset your ice maker to fix the issue.

How To Reset Euhomy Ice Maker?

Your Euhomy ice maker also works on the same principle. If it’s not making ice, you can reset it. Let’s have a look at the step-by-step process to reset the Euhomy countertop ice maker-

  1. Unplug your Euhomy ice maker from the power socket.
  2. Drain the water reservoir completely.
  3. Open the lid and empty the ice basket.
  4. Now clean the metal tubes with a soft cloth.
  5. Close the ice maker lid.
  6. Plug-in the ice maker to the power socket.
  7. Turn ON the machine.
  8. Now, press and hold the power button of the ice maker for 10-12 seconds.
  9. Let it be on rest for the next 30 minutes.
  10. Turn ON back and see if the problem is fixed.

Once you complete these steps, your ice maker will start making ice again. If it still not making ice, you have to troubleshoot it.

You can find the countertop ice maker troubleshooting guides below…

Countertop Ice Maker Toubleshooting

If your countertop ice maker is not making ice, then you can troubleshoot it yourself. You don’t need to call a technician for initial troubleshooting.

Problem #1– My Countertop Ice Maker Doesn’t Turn ON

A very common question people ask- my countertop ice maker not turning on, is it dead? If your ice maker is also not turning on then you can check the following reasons-

  • Your power socket is faulty.
  • You accidentally turned off your ice maker.
  • Your icemaker’s power cord is damaged.

Solution– How To Fix Ice Maker Not Turning ON

If your ice maker is not turning ON, first of all, check the power socket. If the switch is ON, verify if it’s not faulty. You can use your mobile charger to verify if it’s working or not.

Next, make sure that the power cord is not torn or damaged. If it’s damaged, you need to replace it. You can open your ice maker cabinet to replace the cord.

Problem #2– My Countertop Ice Maker Not Making Ice

There are lots of queries on Reddit and Quora related to this. People are asking that- ice maker is turned on but not making ice. If you’re also facing a similar issue then understand some common reasons for this.

  • Your ice bin is full.
  • Your ice maker water reservoir is empty.
  • Your ice maker water line is clogged.
  • Your ice bin sensor

Solution– How To Fix Countertop Ice Maker Not Making Ice

If your ice maker is ON but not making ice then, make sure that the ice bin is not full. If it’s full, transfer the ice to your refrigerator.

Next, ensure that there is enough water in the reservoir. If your ice maker’s water reservoir is empty, then fill it with water.

At last, make sure that the water line is not clogged. Although, it’s rare in new ice makers, after 6-months to 1 year, the water is chocked with scale formation. You can clean it with lemon juice and vinegar.

Problem #3– Countertop Ice Maker Says Ice Full

When I was going through some forums, I found that lots of people facing this issue. They are complaining about “My Ice Maker Says Ice Full” but there’s no ice. If you’re also facing this issue, read the solution.

Solution– How To Fix Ice Bin Sensor

If your ice maker says ice full but there’s no ice, then it’s because of a faulty sensor. You can replace the ice maker sensor (switch) by yourself. Order this ice maker switch from Amazon and watch this tutorial to replace it.

Problem #4– Ice Maker Doesn’t Eject Ice

After a particular set of time, your ice maker reverses the refrigeration cycle. Due to this, ice built around the extended tubes dropped inside the bin. But, sometimes, the ice maker doesn’t eject the ice. If you’re facing similar issues, find the possible fixes below.

Solution– How To Fix Ice Maker Doesn’t Eject Ice

Once the cold refrigerant passes through the extended tubes, water freezes around and takes the form of cylinder-shaped ice. After a few minutes, the machine reveres the cycle and passes hot refrigerant through the tube, due to heat, surface ice melts, and ice drops.

This reverse-cycle runs for very short time intervals. If there’s some kind of corrosion or scale formation present then it prevents the ice from dropping.

You should clean the tubes with warm lemon water and vinegar. It will remove the corrosion and the problem will be fixed.


You can troubleshoot the countertop ice maker yourself. You don’t need to book a professionals appointment every time. I’ve explained- how to reset euhomy countertop ice maker. Also, I’ve mentioned some troubleshooting guides. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

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