Nugget Ice Vs Clear Ice: Which is Best For Cocktail?

Are you going to throw a cocktail party soon? A cocktail party is also called a cocktail reception where you are all set to serve drinks or cocktails. No drink is just perfect without ice and appetizers. Cocktails being served must be chilled and tasty.

The cocktails must either be cooled down using ice cubes but mostly people prefer nugget ice or clear ice in their drinks. Before, we know which ice is best for cocktails, we must first understand nuggets and clear ice altogether.

What is Nugget Ice?

Nugget Ice Drink

Nugget ice is also known by the name of pebble ice, sonic ice, or pellet ice. This ice is very light and airy and can be easily chewed. This type of ice is often seen to be floating on the top of your drinks. The ice also doesn’t get melt easily like crushed ice.

Nugget ice is the most expensive ice and it’s not available easily. The process of nugget ice making is complicated. It takes multiple actions like making ice cubes, then shaving them, then pressing and giving the nugget shape. That’s why nugget ice makers are expensive whereas clear ice makers are cheap.

What is Clear Ice?

Clear Ice

Clear ice is basically made of pure water. Clear ice is also known as gourmet ice. This ice is perfectly clear with no hints of cloudiness in it. It looks great in the drinks and keeps the drink chilled for longer.

The ice has been named as clear because when we freeze regular ice, we tend to set the freezing temperature much below than 0 degrees Celsius. Apart from being clear, the ice looks equally beautiful and tasty as well.

Nugget Ice Vs Clear Ice: Which Ice is Best For Cocktails?

Both types of ice are great for cocktails. Choosing one is an individual choice. Mostly, people choose nugget ice in their drinks. There are multiple reasons why the majority prefers nugget ice in cocktails.

Let us now have a look at some of the differences which make nugget ice and clear ice different from each other.

Nugget ice is crunchy

Nugget ice is extremely light and airy. Like other ice and ice cubes, nugget ice is always seen to be floating on the top of drinks which sets it apart and best for cocktails which ultimately keep your cocktail drinks chilled. Whereas being made of pure water, clear ice is not that crunchy and chewable.

Nugget ice melts slowly

Due to the fact that nugget ice is very light and airy and keeps on floating on the top, it keeps cocktails and drinks chilled for a long period of time.

The ice doesn’t get easily melt as well. Whereas clear ice also melts slowly but it doesn’t disappear in the mouth when chewed.

Nugget ice is chewable

When it comes to chewing ice, nugget ice stands first on the list. The ice can be easily chewed and is equally satisfying. Chewing it doesn’t hurt your teeth as well.

On the other hand, in the case of clear ice, chewing is almost impossible because of the fact that clear ice comes in cubes and cannot be chewed thereby.

Nugget ice keeps your drink chilled

Nugget ice imparts an extremely chilling experience by keeping your cocktails chilled on an extremely hot day in summer.

It is basically a good type of ice for your cocktail needs. Whereas, clear ice cannot prove to be good ice for cocktails when it comes to keeping your cocktails longer.

Nugget ice is best for cocktails

Nugget ice is undoubtedly the best ice for cocktails in every way. However, clear ice is not that soft but it’s best for whiskey or beer.


On the whole, it can easily be concluded from the above points that when it comes to have great fun and satiate yourself in the best way possible, nugget ice is the best for all your ice needs especially when it comes to throwing a cocktail party.

Though clear ice has its own qualities as far as cocktail parties are concerned, no one can replace nugget ice.

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