How To Get Clear Ice From Refrigerator

Does crystal clear ice tempt you? Because it surely tempts us a lot. Especially when the summers are killing you, living without ice is next to impossible.

Be it cocktails, drinks, mocktails, or soft drinks, everything is better with ice. To be precise, all of these drinks are better with clear ice!

However, the question remains that how do you get clear ice that too from your refrigerator. If you have hazy and cloudy ice coming from your refrigerator, we get you because this is the scenario of every household.

We have come up with this article that will tell you how you can get clear ice at your home effortlessly. Let’s get started and have a look at some wonderful tips.

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How To Get Clear Ice From Refrigerator?

Clear Ice

These are some useful methods to get clear ice from the refrigerator-

1. Use a cooler

Ice cooler

Take a cooler that fits just right in your freezer. Create a space in your freezer where the cooler will not be disturbed and can be left for several hours.

Fill the cooler with warm water and simply fill 4-5 inches of the cooler. Leave the cooler in the freezer for 18-20 hours and then your ice will be ready.

Ensure that there is still some water left under the ice that will prevent the ice from getting cloudy. Once you think the ice is formed, you can take it out carefully and enjoy the crystal clear ice. There can be a bit of frosting but that will be gone when you will temper the ice.

2. Silicon ice trays

Silicon Ice Tray

It is okay if you do not have enough space for a cooler to fit in the freezer. All you need is a silicone ice tray and a baking dish for this technique.

Take a needle and create some holes in the silicone ice tray. Next, place the ice tray on the baking dish and try that this dish is a little bigger than the ice tray.

See to it that there is at least an inch left between the silicone tray and the bottom of the dish. Place this in the freezer and let the ice set completely.

After leaving it for 18-24 hours, take the ice out and the excess water will flow through the holes into the pan. You will end up having clear ice cubes that are shaped beautifully as well.

3. Directional freezing

As you may already know, the water in the ice tray freezes at the outside first and it pushes the impurities to the unfrozen part of the ice tray.

You will notice that this type of ice is cloudy from the center and is not completely clear. To prevent this, directional freezing is the best solution.

In this type of freezing, you let one side freeze first so the cloudiness shifts in the same direction and can be later chipped off.

For instance, you can try to freeze the ice in a top-down way so all the impurities or the haziness will be settled at the bottom. When the ice is formed properly, you can remove this bottom part and get clear ice for whiskey or any other drink.

4. Saltwater freezing

This type of directional freezing forms ice from the bottom-up and not the top-down. For this method, you will need a silicone ice tray, baking dish and salt.

Take your baking dish, fill it with water, add some salt to it and stir it up. This step lowers the cooling temperature to make it extremely cold.

Next, place this baking dish in the freezer and leave it for 5-6 hours at least. Now, fill the silicone ice tray with water and then place it in the baking dish that is filled with saltwater.

You will notice that the dish will float and will not settle down. Since the ice is forming from the bottom this time, the impurities will float up and you can remove them later once the ice is set.

5. Slow freezing

This is one of the simplest methods present on this list. You just have to fill the ice tray with water and place it in the freezer.

Turn the temperature of the freezer to the highest setting and leave it. Ensure that you remove the food items from the freezer first so they do not get ruined.

This method will surely take up a lot of time but that is the entire point! If the ice freezes slowly, the air bubbles or impurities have more time to escape the ice instead of being trapped in it. You will have crystal clear ice cubes by implementing this method.

Final Words

These were some methods by which you can make clear ice in your refrigerator. Since the methods are simple and do not require much effort, anyone can do this at home. Enjoy your drinks with clear ice and feel the luxury.