Nugget Ice Vs Bullet Ice: Everything You Needs To Know

Here, we are talking about nugget ice vs bullet ice. Both types of ice are extensively being used in drinks and cocktails.

This post will generally talk about the pros and cons of nugget ice and bullet ice basically showing their points of differences and similarities if maybe.

Though very hard and not easily chewable, bullet ice is still the most popular type of ice when it comes to portable ice makers.

In a simple sense, bullet ice is not nugget ice. If we talk about the main difference between both of them, it is that the nugget ice cubes are easily chewable and are soft too.

Nugget Ice Vs Bullet Ice

Bullet Ice Vs Nugget Ice

There are lots of differences between nugget ice and bullet ice. In this guide, we shall understand the differences between nugget ice vs bullet ice.

Nugget Ice

Plenty of nugget ice cubes

Nugget ice is the most demanded ice type for drinks. It is also called- sonic ice, pellet ice, pebble ice, chewlet, etc. Everyone wants nugget ice in their drinks.

The making process of nugget ice is much complicated. One can not achieve nugget ice in a regular ice maker or refrigerator. Because it’s made by shaving ice cubes and pressing through a hole to give the desired shape.

It’s crunch and chewable that gives an amazing feeling when pressed between the teeth. That’s why such type of ice is only available in bars and restaurants.

But, nowadays technology got advanced and many ice maker brands manufactured countertop nugget ice makers. But, GE Opal 2.0 is the best in terms of ice quality, durability, and after-sale service.

Let us now have a glance at some of the pros and cons of Nugget ice that can take you into the insights of what exactly nugget ice offers to you-


  • Nugget ice is extremely airy and light in weight.
  • It can be easily chewed and is extremely easy on the teeth as well.
  • The ice also retains and absorbs flavors very easily.
  • It is perfect for almost all types of drinks but most especially for cocktails.
  • This type of ice blends easily too and also easy to dispense.
  • It melts as slowly as 1.5 hours for a single glass of ice to melt completely. 
  • It has a great cooling capacity which takes very less time to cool down your special drinks.
  • Due to its property of floating on the top of the glass, it also fills your glass easily with ice. 


  • It is pricey to produce and not easily affordable.

Bullet Ice

Bullet Ice

If you’re using regular refrigerator ice in your drink then, believe me, you’re missing the real taste. Bullet ice cubes are specially made for drinks and iced tea.

It’s soft and chewable ice made in a hollow half-cylindrical shape. For making this type of ice, countertop ice makers are used. It’s very soft and easy to chew that’s why people prefer bullet ice in cocktails and beers.

Let us now have a glance at some of the pros and cons of Bullet ice that can take you into the insights of what exactly bullet ice offers to you-


  • It is extremely cheaper to produce as compared to nugget ice and hence can be easily afforded by anyone.
  • The ice is also considered versatile.
  • In bullet ice, there are 3 sizes that are easily available.
  • You can also get bullet ice as quickly as you want.
  • Easily available in large quantities as high as more than 100 pounds a day.


  • It is its biggest disadvantage that bullet ice has larger pieces always and it cannot be chewed and hence not easy on the teeth as well.
  • Ice makers that produce this type of ice are always most noisy and loud.
  • Being larger in size, the ice is also very difficult to blend.


From the above points of differences and their pros and cons, we can easily conclude that both nugget ice and bullet ice though are equally popular and useful but both have their own pros and cons that set them apart from each other.

Moreover, you can also buy portable ice makers online on the basis of your preferences and budget. Furthermore, both types of ice are different and are also used for diverse purposes.

Apart from this, there are various types of portable ice makers which are easily available at different prices online. So, just read out the pros and cons of both the ices carefully and make the best buying decision and enjoy it.