Manitowoc SM-50A Ice Maker Review- Worth Or Not?

Are you thinking of buying a Manitowoc SM-50A under-counter ice maker but not sure whether it is worth it for you? Here is a detailed review of this under-counter ice maker machine which helps you to make better decisions.

Manitowoc SM-50A Ice Maker Review


  • Budget-friendly and durable design.
  • Three years manufacturing warranty.
  • Automatic cleaning and LED lightning.
  • Water draining system.


  • No accessories are included.

Manitowoc SM-50A under counter octagonal is a portable model that allows you to make 53 lbs of ice within 24 hours.

This handy air-cooled under-counter ice machine fits under the kitchen counter nicely and has maximum ice-producing capacity.

Well, the features don’t end here; this ice-making machine has so much to offer. That’s why I came up with a complete review of this machine.

So, let’s take a deep dive into the post to gain complete information.

Product Overview

Though the market is flooded with portable under-counter ice maker machines, no one came to compete with the Manitowoc SM-50A ice maker at this price range.

This ice maker has the maximum ice-making capacity and beholds impressive features that can greatly fit your daily ice needs.

It has an advanced, powerful condenser that can help to provide maximum ice consistently. Furthermore, it features a strong and sturdier frame that can last longer.

A large size ice bucket, auto-cleaning mode, and digital control panel are a few of the features this handy ice-making machine offers. 

So, if you want to make an investment in an ice maker or to run a small café, this will be a winning ice maker that fits your kitchen space. Moreover, this will serve as your helping hand to serve chilled drinks to your customers indeed. 

Technical Specifications

THE Manitowoc SM-50A octagonal ice maker machine comes with advanced technical specifications designed to meet the demand of the small restaurants and café.

In addition, it comes with an automatic filtration unit, which allows you to have crystal clear ice in less than eight minutes. 

In addition to this, the ice maker boasts technical specifications, which are as follows: 

  • The dimensions of the ice maker machine are 14 width x 33 height x 22 depths which is huge.
  • It consumes 120V and has a freestanding design that fits under the kitchen space easily.
  • Weigh around 114 lbs and produce 53 lbs of ice within 24 hours.
  • Patented auto-cleaning and sanitizing that help to clean the machine quickly.
  • Integrated drain pump to fill water quickly.
  • A digital control system which helps to operate the machine easily.


If you think about what features this Manitowoc SM-50A ice maker has, it has so much to serve you.

It has incredible features, from a digital control panel to an excellent ice-making capacity, which I’ll discuss here. 

  • It has air-cooled technology, which is designed to provide consistent ice throughout the day. 
  • It has a large-capacity ice bucket that can hold up to 25 lbs of ice at one time. Moreover, the basket has an LED light that blinks whenever you open the ice bin for easy access. 
  • It features a built-in water filter system fitted into the machine and has a scale inhibitor to monitor when you need to refill.
  • Draining pump for quick water draining and has depth filtration unit to get crystal clear ice.
  • This ice maker has a hinged door that can be opened two ways for easy access. 
  • Octagonal ice cubes that don’t melt easily.

Build Quality 

As far as the quality is concerned, Manitowoc SM-50A never fails to impress you. It has a sturdier design which is made with stainless steel material that is built to last longer.

Moreover, the ice holding basket is also made with high-quality material which can resist wear and tear damage and give a remarkable performance for the long term.

In contrast to this, it features a freestanding heavy-duty frame that can bear any weather condition. Also, the handles of the machine are made from highly durable plastic to give you long-lasting performance.

Meanwhile, the machine’s motor is made with high-grade metal that gives a phenomenal performance for a longer time.

Its water filtration system is also made with quality material to rest assured that you get a powerful ice-making machine that stays with you for long terms.


Performance is no exception when you are buying the Manitowoc SM-50A under-counter ice maker machine. It features a powerful motor that delivers remarkable performance without making noise.

But, on the contrary, it features a digital control panel that allows you to operate the machine with the least hassles.

At the same time, this portable under-counter ice maker machine has quick-freezing technology, which can produce 53lbs of ice within 24 hours. Above this, you get a strong and durable frame that will stay for the longer term.

If you think that cleaning such a machine is a tad challenging, then this Manitowoc SM-50A ice maker is a must-have as it has an automatic cleaning option. This feature allows you to clean the icemaker safely without making a mess.

After-Sale Service

Worry about after-sale service? Don’t be because this ice maker comes with a post-sale service facility. If you receive any defective pieces, then you can easily replace the machine within the given time.

Moreover, if your product stops working or gets damaged, you can easily sign up for your complaint at the customer support service desk and get free repairing services.

If your product needs to be replaced, the company will replace it or refund you. However, make sure that the product has a warranty period. If your warranty period is expired, you won’t enjoy the free post-sale services.

Overall Experience

At first, I tested the Manitowoc SM-50A ice maker machine to find whether it was worth buying or not. After testing, I found that the ice maker is perfect for a small kitchen and has space issues. However, due to its portable size, it fits into your space.

However, more than that, it has a digital control panel that allows you to operate the machine like a breeze. Meanwhile, it can produce 53 lbs of ice in one day, which is huge on its own.

In addition, it comes with a large size ice holding basket that can hold 25 lbs of ice, so you don’t need to worry about emptying the container again and again.

Overall, if there is a scorecard to mark this icemaker, I would like to give this product ten out of ten marks for its performance.


Manitowoc SM-50A is an ideal ice maker for restaurants and party halls. From its price to its exceptional features and technical specification, everything is on the plus side. Besides this, it comes with a three-year warranty which lets you worry-free from repairing problems and expenditures. So, if you think of buying this machine, purchase it blindly.