How To Keep Ice Cubes From Sticking Together

Let’s assume: You’re ready to enjoy a drink with your friends. You opened the refrigerator for ice cubes and you noticed that all ice cubes are stick together.

Spoiled mood?…

I’m sure you faced this situation earlier and that why you’re looking for a way to keep the ice cubes from sticking together.

There are thousands of people facing this issue but there are multiple ways to stop ice cubes from sticking in the ice maker.

In this guide, I’m going to tell a a couple of methods that helps to stop ice cubes from sticking together in the ice maker.

Why Do Ice Cubes Stick Together?

If there’s is high temperature difference ice cubes and moisture present, they stick together. It’s a very common phenomena where water molecules (moisture) forms crystal-like structure and acts like a binding agent.

When your refrigerator achieves the required temperature, the machine runs a defrost cycle. Defrost cycle is a kind of reverse refrigeration cycle that cleans the stuck ice on the evaporator. It increases the efficiency of refrigerator but, during defrost cycle; the inside temperature is little increased.

At the same time, ice cubes are more cold hence a moisture is formed inside the cabinet and due to temperature difference and ice cubes stuck together.

How To Keep Ice Cubes From Sticking Together In Ice Maker?

Keep ice cubes from sticking together

You can prevent the ice cubes from sticking together with some easy tricks. Here’s how to keep ice cubes from sticking together in ice maker-

1. Lower the temperature

You might have noticed that, the more cold ice cubes (more than -16°C) sticks more as comparison to less cold ice cubes (0°C). It’s because of temperature difference between moisture and ice cubes.

In order to avoid the ice cubes from sticking together inside the ice maker, you can lower the temperature of the refrigerator. If you do so, the refrigerator doesn’t runs defrost cycle very quickly and you can stop ice cubes from clumping together.

2. Use paper bags

Moisture inside the ice maker is the main culprit that leads ice cubes to stick together. Paper bags has tiny pores that absorbs moisture and stops ice cubes from sticking together. You can wrap the ice box with paper bags.

It’s a proven technique that helps to keep ice cubes from sticking together in the ice maker. You need to observe your ice maker and replace the paper bags when it became wet.

3. Use an ice tray

Silicon ice trays gives perfect shape ice from the refrigerator. If you’re fed-up with ice clumping then use an ice tray to make perfect shape ice cubes inside the refrigerator.

Ice trays are keep the ice cubes apart from each other hence there’s not chance of clumping. Otherwise, you can go for countertop ice makers that makes soft and chewable ice at minimal power consumption.

4. Fill your refrigerator with more food items

It’s another common practice users do to prevent ice cubes from sticking together. Placing more foods, it helps in better circulation of cold air. Also, it prevents the heat coming from defrost cycle and ice cubes doesn’t stick.

5. Clean your ice maker

If your ice cubes still sticking, it’s time to clean your ice maker. Sometimes times ice blocks the ice maker line and ice cubes doesn’t achieve the appropriate temperature. So, you can use warm water or hair dryer to clean the ice maker.

Final Verdict

I hope you understand- why ice cubes stick together and how to prevent them inside the ice maker. I’ve explained the five methods to keep ice cubes from sticking together in the ice maker. The paper bags method is most popular and you can do that too.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Do share you valuable feedback in the comment box.

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