Igloo ICEB26SS Countertop Ice Maker Review

Which is the best countertop ice maker to buy for a small kitchen space? Whenever you hear this question, no other brand name hits the top place than Igloo ICEB26SS countertop ice maker. 

Maybe it’s a portable ice-making machine designed for convenience, but the capacity to produce ice is nevertheless greater than any commercial-style ice-making unit.

Automatic cleaning, 26 lbs of ice-making capacity, and durable frame are a few of the features of this machine.

Igloo ICEB26SS Ice Maker Review


  • Portable and stylish design.
  • Maximum ice producing capacity.
  • Advance cooling compressor for instant ice cubes.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Transparent lid.


  • A bit noisy operation.

To know its worth, let’s look at its technical specification, features, and other services offered by the machine. So let’s stop being ado and jump straight to the post.

Product Overview

Igloo ICEB26SS countertop ice maker is one of the best portable machines which can produce 26lbs of ice within 24 hours.

The portable ice maker can ready nine cubes of ice in less than seven minutes. This means as soon as you finish your chilled drink, this ice maker is ready to serve another batch of chilled drinks. 

The smart ice maker has a compact size that fits your kitchen counter without consuming much space. In addition to this, it has a transparent lid that allows you to view the ices cubes in the machine. 

The unique thing about this portable ice maker machine is that it can serve you two different ice cubes, small and large. However, these are not the only attributes of this ice maker machine; they offer so much. So, let me know about its technical specifications. 

Technical Specification

Igloo ICEB26SS is a portable ice maker which is made for small home and outdoor party needs. It has a large water tank that can hold up to three quarts of water inside it. This ice maker can produce about 26 lbs of ice within 24 hours to serve chilled drinks all day long. 

Other technical specifications are as follows:

  • Compressor cooling system which is ready to produce nine cubes of ice in less than seven minutes.
  • Drain plug that helps drain the water quickly from the ice maker machine.
  • Simple to understand LED-based digital control panel which can help to operate the machine without any hassles.
  • Quick freezing technology helps to keep the ice frozen and instantly provide ice cubes.
  • Automatic cleaning mode allows you to clean the ice maker without making a mess.
  • A large water reservoir system that can hold maximum water at one time.
  • Dimensions are 9.61 x 14.69 x 12.4 inches.
  • Highly energy efficient.


With the ability to produce maximum ice within 24 hours, this ice maker stands in the top place in the best portable ice maker list.

In addition, it features the fastest cooling compressor, which can produce nine small and large ice cubes simultaneously.

In contrast to this, it does offer so many features, which are as follows:

  • Features with a large ice basket that can store up to 2lbs of ice at one time.
  • LED light control panel which indicates when the ice tray is full.
  • The cold compressor can produce two different styles of ice cubes.
  • No chemical refrigerant which ensures that you get crystal clear ice-free from chemicals.
  • The freestanding frame is easy to install and consume less space in the kitchen.
  • A transparent lid helps you keep an eye on the formation of ice without opening the door of the ice maker.

Build Quality

The outer body frame is the foremost thing we all notice before checking the technical specifications and features. And here again, Igloo ICEB26SS is ready to beat commercial-grade ice maker machines.

It is made from a stainless steel frame, making it tough and durable to withstand strongly in all-weather conditions.

Also, this ice maker’s ice basket and control panel are made with high-grade plastic, which is resistant to wear and tear damages.

The water outlet and reservoir system are also made up of highly rust-resistant quality metal. Overall, the build quality is no less than a high rating icemaker.


After the build quality, I would like to draw your attention to its performance. Igloo ice maker machine features with advanced cooling compressor and quick-freezing technology. It is helpful to produce 26 lbs of ice in 24 hours.

Due to advanced cooling technology, it can produce nine ice cubes in less than seven minutes. Aside from this, its ice basket can hold up to 2 lbs of ice at one time. So, you are not required to worry about emptying the container frequently.

Like other quality countertop ice maker machines, this ice maker features an automatic cleaning mode to have hassle-free cleaning. But what I love about this convenient ice maker is its two-mode ice cubes production process which allows you to have two different style ice cubes.

In terms of performance, Igloo ICEB26SS is one of the best ice maker under $200 budget.

After-Sale Service

Igloo ICEB26SS ice maker provides you post-sale services so that you can have technical support all the time. If your ice maker somehow gets broken within the manufacturer’s warranty period, you will get technical support free of cost. 

The experts will come to your place and repair the ice maker without any cost. Moreover, if you get a broken product, you can also claim a refund. 

Overall Experience

After testing the Igloo ICEB26SS countertop ice maker, I concluded that this ice-making unit is worth having for small parties, bars, restaurants, café, and office use.

Its features such as an LED control panel, instant ice-making compressor, strong and sturdier frame make this ice maker a worthier option to buy at this price. 

The ice-making capacity is excellent, and its free-standing design allows you to fit the machine at any place. This is a portable and stylish ice maker which I would recommend you to buy. 


Summing up the post here. Now I guess you are a bit satisfied with its features and technical specifications. This portable ice maker machine is excellent for those with a small café, office and who love to party at home.

Besides that, the machine is portable enough to carry it anywhere and install it without requiring a plugging system. So, if you want to purchase an ice maker with impressive features and on a budget, this is the best model to have.