How Does a Flake Ice Machine Work?

Centuries ago, it was hard to get some ice during the hotter climates. Most of the food items get spoiled due to a shortage of ice. Hence, buying the hefty block of ice was the only solution to keep the food cold and protected from damage. 

However, in some parts, you may get affordable refrigerators that meet your food preservation needs. Still, for commercial purposes, it can be harder to get tones of ice. Thanks to the invention of automated flake ice-making machines that help make flake ice in tones within hours. 

You need to install your machine and fill the water reservoir tanks, and you are set to enjoy batches of flake ice. The ice maker machine did a great job and served as an upper hand to match your needs perfectly.

But have you ever wondered how these flake ice-making machines work? This post explains to you about flake ice, its applications, and how the flake ice-making machine works.

So, let’s read below.

What is Flake Ice?

Flake ice in meat

Flake ice is in thin scrapped scales that are irregular in shape and have a maximum thickness of around 1.5-2.5mm. It can be available in two distinctive forms such as granular ice and scale ice. The flake ice machine provides the granular and scale form of ice which is made with freshwater. 

However, seawater can also be used for making flake ice. The key features of flake ice are as follows: 

  • Flake ice is fit for fresh products such as sea fish.
  • Easier to store and distribute.
  • The flake ice can be crush to make thin scales.
  • Easy to use and melt rapidly.
  • Flake ice serves as an assisting hand in the food mixing process.
  • Completely present on the dry form.
  • The flat shape and scales of ice don’t damage your product.

The flake ice is widely applicable in the food processing industry, fish industry, supermarkets, bakery, retail shops, laboratory, pharmaceutical industry, medical offices, skiing grounds, concrete mixing plants, and many other places. 

How Does a Flake Ice Machine Work?

Best Flake Ice Maker

A flake ice-making machine works on the same principle as other ice maker machines. However, there is an additional component in the machine, an ice crusher that allows you to generate the flakes of the ice. To generate the flake ice, you need to connect the water valve of the machine. 

With this, water will automatically enter into the storage tank, and from where the water will be a pump with the help of the control valve into the splitter head. Through this, the water is sprayed on the surface of the ice maker tray. The water will flow like the water curtain, which will arrange into the sheets. 

And on the wall, the water is evenly sprayed through the water valve, where it is instantly cooled down and reaches the freezing point. The water which is not frozen and doesn’t turn into the ice will be evaporated back and sent to the water reservoir. 

Hence, the cycle of ice production will resume again. Once the ice reaches the desired thickness, the hot air will be discharged through the compressor, which will be directed back into the PLC controller of the machine wall, which will replace the low-temperature liquid refrigerant. 

In this way, the water film is formed between the wall of the evaporation tube and between the ice. This film of the water acts as a lubricant so that the flakes of the ice falls freely. 

Then the ice will fall onto the crusher mechanism, where the crushers will grind the ice and turn it into fine flakes. The ice flakes you get are in an irregular shape. Some are large, and some are small. You may also get variations in the shape, size, and design of the ice flakes. 

Also, the refrigerator system will help to build multiple layers of ice, which you can collect into the bin. Furthermore, the harvesting system helps to eject the ice into the collecting basket.

The water produced during the process of making flake ice will pass back to the reservoir tank. This will further help to prevent the wet ice from being discharged by the flake ice-making machine. 

Key Features of the Flake Ice Machines

The flake ice-making machine features a heat-exchanging coil and water sprayer to build the layer of ice. Other features of the flake ice machine are as follows:

  • Internal scraping ice remover is provided, which helps prevent the refrigerant’s leakage and reduce the loss of energy. 
  • The area of the machine is larger enough to prevent the leakage of the water from the evaporator. 
  • The direct liquid filling makes it helpful to fill the tank safely and control the formation of ice. 
  • The thickness of the ice can be varied. 

Bottom Line

Flake ice helps store the food for a longer time without causing damage to the food product. The basic principle of the flake ice machine is the same as any other ice maker, but there is a crusher included which helps create the ice flakes easily.