EdgeStar IB250SS Ice Maker Review

If you ever think of buying the EdgeStar IB250SS ice maker but get confused, then have a look at this review post.

In this review, I’ll discuss features, technical specifications, product experience, and post-sales services. This will help you to decide quickly whether it fits your needs or not.

EdgeStar IB250SS Ice Maker Review


  • Easy to use.
  • Portable freestanding design.
  • Durable stainless-steel frame.
  • Auto-cleaning mode and noise-free operation.
  • Accessories are included.


  • No water filters.

Unlike another ice maker, the EdgeStar IB250SS ice-making machine can be used as a freezer. Moreover, it can be used as an under-counter ice maker as well as a freestanding unit.

However, the only question arises here is- does it worthier to buy at this price range? To get the answer, let’s have a look at this review.

Product Overview

EdgeStar IB250SS is a high-end ice-making machine that is capable of producing 25lbs of ice in 24 hours. This means you get crescent-shaped ice cubes in less than eight minutes.

Though the ice production rate may drop if the temperature is high, the quality of the ice cubes is excellent.

The plus point here is that the EdgeStar IB250SS ice maker machine has a freezer that keeps your ice frozen for the longer term.

Due to its portable size, it fits your kitchen space incredibly without consuming much space. The ice maker machine is made with stainless steel material which is highly durable and long-lasting. 

Moreover, it features a reversible door that can be mounted at the left hinge and work excellently. Finally, it has a freestanding design which allows you to fit it even under the counter.

Technical Specification

EdgeStar IB250SS ice maker machine has extensive features that are equal to the expensive ice maker machine. From freestanding design to sturdy frame, it never stops to impress you.

Furthermore, it comes with a digital control panel and one toggle switch, which allows you to operate the ice maker hassle-free. 

Other than this, it has so many specifications, which are as follows: 

  • A powerful condenser that can produce 25 lbs of ice within 24 hours.
  • The reversible door can be easily mounted in the right and left hinge opening direction.
  • The dimensions of the machine are 14.8W x 20.06 D x 33.31H.
  • Durable stainless-steel frame which lasts longer.
  • The digital control system allows you to operate the machine quickly.
  • Lightweight and sturdier freestanding design which can fit into the kitchen space.
  • Dual operation and can be used as freeze to keep your ice frozen for a longer time.
  • Easy to remove ice baskets and water refilling tanks keep you away from the hassles of filling water over again.
  • Auto cleaning mode for hassle-free cleaning.


Features are the foremost thing we all look at whenever we buy the ice maker machine or any other product.

But, surprisingly, the EdgeStar IB250SS ice-making machine is enriched with so many features which give you a push to buy this machine without having vague thoughts in mind.

So, let’s glance through the features of the ice maker machine. 

  • It features a noise-free operation that produces ice quietly without making an annoying sound.
  • A large ice storing basket is helpful to store 20 lbs of ice at one time.
  • It comes with accessories such as a water line, ice scoop, and a removable ice bin, allowing you to operate the machine easily.
  • It features an energy-efficient motor that doesn’t consume much energy.
  • Undercounter design can fit under the kitchen counter easily.
  • The rust-resistant frame can resist wear and tear damages.

Build Quality

EdgeStar IB250SS ice maker machine is made with durable metal which can withstand any weather condition.

In addition, it has a freestanding design which can be installed quickly anywhere inside the kitchen, even under the counter table.

Plus, the door of the ice maker is reversible and can be mounted into the right and left hinge opening direction.

Moreover, it comes with a removable ice basket which ensures easy cleaning. The powerful condenser further helps you to produce the ice quickly within eight minutes. 

The best thing is it has a built-in freezer, which helps to keep your ice cubes frozen for long hours. Quality-wise this ice maker machine can easily beat the high-end ice makers that have extensive features.

Overall Performance

EdgeStar IB250SS ice maker never lets you down when it comes to performance. If you have a small café and even have the habit of partying, then this ice maker is a boon for you to serve chilled drinks. It has an excellent capacity to produce 25 lbs of ice in 24 hours.

Moreover, the ice bucket can store around 20 lbs of ice at one time. You get crescent-shaped ice cubes which are perfect for the drinks. This ice maker machine is portable enough to carry anywhere and fits into the place nicely.

Plus, the removable ice bin allows you to empty the tank easily for cleaning. It features a water reservoir system that can hold the maximum amount of water at one time to produce water. Its powerful condenser can produce ice within eight minutes.

Post-Sale Service

EdgeStar IB250SS ice maker provides post-sales services to buyers. If the customer receives the damaged product, it can either be replaced by the company or refund the money into the bank account.

However, if the product may stop working after some time, you will be able to claim the free replacement or repair on the machine by connecting to the technical support system of the company. 

The post-sale services are only applicable if the product is in the warranty period. This means if the manufacturer warranty has expired, you cannot enjoy the post-sales service for free. 

Overall Experience

Overall, the EdgeStar IB250SS is the best ice maker machine that can fit the needs of small café and home parties. The portable size, convenience, noise-free operation, and durable condenser are all the features that make this ice maker the best model.

However, the only downside is buying a water filter separately to get crystal clear ice. If you are comfortable with this, then EdgeStar IB250SS is the best one to buy at this price range.

But what attracts me the most about this portable ice maker machine is its auto-cleaning mode and noise-free operation, which allow you a mess-free cleaning automatically. 

Bottom Line

So, here I will wrap up the review of the EdgeStar IB250SS model. This handy ice maker model is perfect for those who love to party at weekends at home, has a small café, and even for office purposes.

The ice maker can be installed quickly as it has a freestanding design and offers you 25lbs of ice within 24 hours. So, I hope this review post helps you to make a better decision.