Best Camping Fridge & Portable Refrigerator

Are you planning to go on a trip and want to keep your drinks and food cold? Do you require an extra-large fridge for your camper van or motorhome, and are you considering something for your car or camping?

Then it would be best if you considered a small camping fridge or a portable refrigerator. A portable refrigerator is compact and lightweight, so you can easily fit the small food items and have a freezer.

You will get a model that plugin any model, including 12 volts. The portable refrigerator also doubles as a freezer, so you select to increase your RV fridge capacity and use it as an extra freezer. 

High–tech choices are available in the best camping fridges that enable the users to control the inside temperature, among other things, and you won’t be disappointed.

This article has compiled the best portable fridge list that will serve you efficiently in your campaign trip with the necessary cooling facilities. It comes in a complete package that you require in your portable fridge.

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5 Best Portable Camping Fridges

Best portable camping fridges

We have reviewed the best portable refrigerators/fridges that you can take on camping-

1. ARB 10802362 ZERO Portable Fridge

ARB 10802362 ZERO Portable Fridge
  • Capacity of 65 x 375ml Cans. Wireless monitoring and control via compatible Bluetooth-enabled devices, Front Opened Quick-release lid with non-slip glass/bottle provision
  • Dual DC power inlet at opposing ends for customized installations, Front AC power inlet for quick home or powered site connection
  • Tough, durable steel outer casing, Recessed carry handles with integrated tie-down points. Versatile, removable internal basket system with provision for tall items/bottle
  • Convenient USB five-volt, 3,000mA outlet for charging phones and similar devices
  • Highly-efficient, variable-speed compressor, Low power draw LED interior light

The ARB Zero single-zone 38QT is the best camping fridge that is the perfect choice for mounting in your car, camper trailer, or RV.

Its freezer features front and rear DC inlets that provide customers more freedom while traveling the fridge in the car or camper. For more convenience, the portable fridges have a front AC inlet for home or powered site connection.

It also has a handy USB 5V outlet to charge your USB-powered devices like mobile phones and other devices. The 38QT model comes with a front-facing lid, while 63qt has a reversible side-opening lid. 

This portable fridge freezer has an inbuilt enhanced feature for a quick cool down and anti-condensation technology that keeps the substance dry and at the desired temperature. For your traveling and cooling requirements, ensure that you have a durable fridge along with the trip. 

The ARB Zero single-zone 38QT has comes with a capacity of 65 x 375ml cans. It has wireless monitoring, and it controls by compatible Bluetooth-enabled devices. This machine has a durable construction.


  • Front opening lid.
  • Low power draw LED interior light.
  • Highly efficient and variable speed compressor.
  • Durable and rugged steel outer casing.
  • Removable and versatile internal basket system with provision for tall items.

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2. Aspenora Portable Camping Fridge

Aspenora Portable Camping Fridge
  • ❄【37 QUARTS NET CAPACITY】 Great improvements have made in our latest generation of portable freezer version 2.0. The 37-quart portable freezer has 7 quarts more, compared with the previous 30-quart 12v refrigerator that is nearly the same dimension. Our advanced design includes two compartments, one smaller 6” wide refrigerated area, and a large, deep freezer area. A better space utilization enables to stores more food for your family outdoor traveling.
  • ❄【NEWLY LED TOUCH CONTROL】Intuitive control panel is easy for you to choose Eco or Max and the battery protection.With eight fast and responsive touch control buttons and bright LCD display, you can easily set the exact temperature according to your needs and the locking feature prevents accidental changes. Charge personal devices (phones, tablets etc.) with the USB charging port.It’s adequate for what most people will want it for, which is Family trips, long drives, days out at the beach ect.
  • ❄【EFFICIENT COOLING AND INTELLIGENT BATTERY PROTECTION】 The aluminum core design makes the compressor run more efficiently, and the 1.57 inches thick insulation enables the car cooler to maintain 10 hours cooling after the power is turned off. These innovations also extend compressor life. Battery protection prevents your car battery from exhausted. When the input voltage is lower than the minimum voltage, the compressor will power off.
  • ❄【NO ICE】If you need to store food, no more need to buy ice, no more wet, drenched groceries coming out of the 12 volt refrigerator, It's just like taking food out of your car cooler plug in at home. You could do 2-4 hours of no power before you have any worries about food going bad if your items are extremely temperature sensitive. You don't have to worry about getting sick or food poisoning.Just enjoy your tailgate party, picnic, fishing,roadtrip, camping or any outdoor activity.
  • ❄【BRIGHT ALUMINUM CASE, DETACHABLE HANDLE AND DRAIN PLUG】 Our latest portable freezer has a bright aluminum case which is chic design. It is dirt-resistant, easier to clean and maintain a clean outward appearance. The detachable handle is suitable for fixing the freezer in your car and can be removed to save more space. With the drain plug, you can also clean the inner easier.

Aspenora Portable 37 Quart car cooler is a substantial fridge that comes with a mid-range of choice for those considered advanced from Yeti–style cooler and thermoelectric cooler.

This Aspenora model gives you a specific fridge and freezer zone and powerful battery protection that save your battery from being discharged. The fried will automatically once in a time cut off the power that has been used, so it gives assurance that your car will restart again in the morning. 

This multiple zones, inventor-style car cooler has a wide operating range between – 4 and 68 degrees F, split between a big refrigerator compartment and small fridge space if the power is off. Then its advanced aluminum core and 1.5 inches of insulation enable the cooler to get cold for 10 hours.   

Its intuitive control panel feature makes it easy for you to select Eco or Max. Moreover, with its eight fast and responsive touch buttons and LED displays, you can set the temperature as per your requirement, and the locking feature saves you from accidental changes.


  • Automatic cut-off power due to draining of battery.
  • Anti–finger trapping door.
  • Individual fridge and freezer zones.
  • Efficient cooling.
  • Anti–pitching design.

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3. Set power TC35 Portable Fridge with Wheels

Set power TC35 Portable Fridge with Wheels
  • SetPower, lighter the journey: this is a 37 Quart portable refrigerator freezer on wheels. You can transport the heavy fridge freezer easily even when it is fully loaded. SetPower TC35 is your outdoor camping or adventure partner.
  • Powerful Compressor - SetPower offers a 3-YEAR warranty on the compressor. The cooling range of SetPower TC35 is from -4°F to 68°F. Power consumption is 0.571kw.h/24h. The compressor can keep running well even under 40° tilt.
  • Car and Home Use - SetPower TC35 portable refrigerator is equipped with a 12V/24V DC cord and a 110-240V AC cable. This 12-volt refrigerator provides three (low, medium, and high) battery protection functions at different levels. It's a smart battery protection function that you don't need to worry about running out of car power.
  • User-friendly Design - You can change the opening direction of the lid by disassembly and reassembly. A built-in bottle opener makes you can enjoy beers with your friends easily while outdoor living.
  • Warranty & Services - 3-year warranty on the compressor and 1-year warranty on all other parts. SetPower offers a professional technical support team, located in LA. Your Amazon messages will be answered within 24 hours including on weekends.

The Set power TC35 is another portable fridge worthy of praise that efficiently saves cold air and keeps your food fresh. However, this portable freezer comes with a storage capacity of up to 37 quarts, similar to 52 soda cans. It is suitable for fruits, veggies, and meat.

Besides its larger capacity, it is portable and has two detachable wheels. It has a stable portable fridge that can withstand the bumps of off-road driving.

Additionally has control over the temperature, so you can select one of 3 power settings that avoid overtraining your car battery.

The digital panel is resistant to the component that gives you digital access with complete temperature control. Also, its reversible lid enables you to access the electric cooler in the tightest spaces.


  • Detachable wheels that make an easy move fridge.
  • Extra-long 8-foot power cord.
  • Reversible lid.
  • Sturdy inset handles.
  • Two-way door design.

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4. LiONCooler X50A Portable Solar Fridge

LiONCooler X50A Portable Solar Fridge
  • ⛱ ENERGY SAVING & POWERFUL: This 12 volt refrigerator has a Strong compressor that can make the temperature to 32℉(0℃) in 20 min by max mode, the energy-saving design allows it to be used continuously for 10 hours at 0℃/32℉. It has a 173Wh removable lithium battery that can be charged through a 120v AC, 12v/24V DC adapter or 12v solar panel, which truly supports wireless use. You can purchase additional batteries so that items can keep cool even when you turn off the power during your journey.
  • ⛱ LARGE CAPACITY: The Capacity of this powerful RV fridge is 52 Quarts / 50 Liters /13.2 gallons, can hold 62 cans of cola, or 37 bottles of water or 18 bottles of red wine, which fully meets the needs of RV/truck drivers, boat owners and campers to store seafood, snacks, meat and beverages.
  • ⛱ APP CONTROL: The RV refrigerator can not only be controlled manually but also be remotely managed via the free app because it is equipped with a digital smart control panel with electronic temperature control. 12v refrigerator with three levels of battery protection mechanism- Low, Medium, and High, can protect your vehicle battery from running out.
  • ⛱ PORTABLE DESIGN: The excellent electric coolers for car has stretchable handles and 6 off-road wheels which increase its portability, Which makes it very suitable for boat, camping, fishing, tailgating, school sports, and the backyard BBQ. The sound of the 12v fridge is only 40 dB when it is running, it provides a quiet and comfortable environment for you.
  • ⛱WARRANTY&SUPPORT: The electric coolers for vehicles can provide 1-Year Warranty. We have a US-based company that provides local support and warranty. Our 12v cooler is selected by over 10 states/counties government for vaccine or food transportation, which proves that it is absolutely trustworthy. If you have any questions about our portable freezer, please contact our customer service team.

This 12 volt portable freezer has a strong compressor that can set the temperature to 32 degrees F in 20 minutes in full mode. Its energy-saving design enables t to be used constantly for 10 hours at o degree C.

It has a 173Wh removable lithium battery that can charge via 120v AC, 12v/24V DC adapter, or 12v solar panel to support wireless use. For additional requirements, you can purchase a battery so food can keep cool even when you turn off the power.

The capacity of this dual zone fridge freezer is 52 quarts that are entirely stored in seafood, meat, beverages, and snacks. You can also digitally control the RV fridge with a free Bluetooth app because it comes with a digital smart control panel and electronic temperature control.

Its excellent design has electric coolers for a car with a stretchable handle and six off-road wheels that enhance its portability.


  • Huge capacity.
  • Portable design.
  • Control via an application.
  • Energy-efficient.

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5. AstroAI Portable Camping Refrigerator

AstroAI Portable Camping Refrigerator
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Our 12 volt refrigerator, with its large 45L capacity, works as a fridge or freezer to keep items like beverages, fruits, ice cream, vegetables, seafood, meats, skincare products, and milk chilled or frozen. Larger interior dimension 12.9"(L)x 10.5"(W)x 15.1"(H), and smaller interior dimension 10.5"(L) x6.3 "(W) x8.7 "(H). Great for picnics, barbecues, camping, house parties, and travel.
  • FAST COOLING: With its powerful compressor, the car refrigerator can cool to 32°F at most in 30 minutes when empty; it takes about 45 minutes to reach its lowest temperature of -4°F. Choose between MAX mode for fast cooling and ECO mode for energy saving. (It consumes less than 1 KW.H per day in ECO mode)
  • BATTERY PROTECTION: Includes three levels of battery protection: low, medium, and high. The portable freezer reduces power consumption to the desired level, maximizing vehicle battery life. Once you set a level, the refrigerator will automatically re-apply the setting whenever you turn it on.
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGNS: The LED display panel helps check and set the temperature in low light. Built-in LED light helps you to find the items in dark environment. Handle design helps you to move this refrigerator easily.The UL-listed car cigarette lighter extension cord with a built-in ceramic fuse provides first-class protection from overloads and short circuits.
  • VERSATILE: With the included 12/24V DC and 100V to 240V AC adapter, you can cool your belongings with this portable refrigerator at home or in your car. You can even use it outdoors with a portable power bank!

Are looking for a pocket-friendly and high–quality campaign fridge, then AstroAI portable refrigerator is the best you should consider. This 12-volt camping fridge is the perfect and best portable refrigerator.

That comes with a 12/24V DC and 100V to 240V AC extension that you can hook with your car battery, RV, and portable power bank. It has a strong compressor that makes your food cool quickly. 

Using its simple LED digital display, you can set the temperature range between -4 degrees to 68 degrees F. The best thing to consider is that it won’t drain your battery due to

In-built battery protection. Because it will stop charging as it reaches its threshold limit, you can charge your phone with its USB port. The 48-quart car fridge is a small model, and it is easily portable and movable.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • LED display for temperature management.
  • Inbuilt battery protection.
  • Large capacity.
  • Quick cooling.

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As you can see, there is five best portable refrigerator freezer that you can select for your next campaign. Make sure that you review this article and consider each of its specifications that help you before final purchasing a product.