Best Hard Ice Coolers for Money

Do you want a hard cooler that can hold ice for days but is affordable too? If so, then I’ve reviewed here the five best hard coolers for money to satisfy your need.

No matter you are planning for a long road trip or just for the beach party at the weekend, everybody needs an ice cooler that can keep their drinks and food cool even when you are outdoors. Of course, there are so many hard coolers available in the market.

However, the less straightforward thing is picking up the right ice cooler on a budget. This is why I’ve researched several models of ice coolers that range between $100 and $400.

After digging deep, reading so many reviews, I’ve selected these as the best and affordable ice coolers. So, let’s take a glance at their features to know if any of these fits your budget.

5 Best Hard Ice Coolers (Budget-Friendly)

You probably easily get exclusive features loaded ice cooler but finding a budget-friendly is the real challenge. That’s why I picked up the five best ice coolers that the customers love. 

1. YETI Roadie 24 Cooler


  • Taller build for carrying standard size wine bottles.
  • Lightweight and rotomolded construction for extra stability.
  • One-handed cooler access for easy carrying.
  • Thick wall design for better insulation.


  • There is no drainage pipe.

YETI Roadie always hits the top place in any review list when it comes to having a budget to buy an ice cooler. However, being on a budget doesn’t mean it is less than any expensive ice cooler.

This roadie ice cooler features Permafrost insulation which helps to keep you ice for days. The commercial-grade fat wall design further increases the insulation and allows you to lock the ice and keep your drinks and food chilled for the day.

This ice cooler is perfect for outdoor and long trips as it is extremely lightweight and easy to carry.  Its rotomolded construction makes it flexible yet sturdier enough for easier transport.

Due to its extended design and large carrying capacity, it can hold even the 2-liter wine bottle within it. Furthermore, it features a telescopic handle which can help you to lift the cooler easily.

It also has wheels which further make it easier for you to carry it anywhere.

2. RovR Portable Cooler


  • Puncture-resistant tires.
  • Extra-large storage capacity to keep drinks.
  • Dry storage bin for carrying vegetables.
  • Bike attachment is excellent for towing the ice cooler.


  • The handles are flimsy.

RovR is one of the best portable and budget-friendly ice coolers for so many reasons. To begin with, it has nine inches of all-terrain tires which make it perfect for carrying anywhere.

There is a bike attachment mechanism that allows you to attach it with your bike for easy pulling.  Another reason to invest in this ice cooler is its extra-large capacity which allows you to keep 60 standard size cans and 10 lbs of ice in it.

Also, the rotomolded construction and thick fat wall provide perfect insulation, keeping the ice for up to 10 days. 

The best thing is that the dry storage bin has two different compartments. Plus, the deep freezer storage is helpful to keep all your food material, including veggies, fresh for a longer time. The storage bin is easy to remove, so you don’t struggle cleaning and fixing it back. 

3. Igloo 70 QT Lockable Insulated Ice Cooler


  • Built-in carry handle with a comfortable grip.
  • Extra-large carrying capacity.
  • UV protector which prevents wear and tears damages.
  • Extra thick insulated walls for keeping the ice for days.


  • No wheels, which make it difficult to pull.

How about having a spacious and lockable insulated ice cooler on a budget? Igloo lockable insulated ice cooler is a versatile ice cooler that is available to you on a budget.

It has 70 quarts capacity, which is enough to hold a maximum number of cans, food items, and ice at one time.

However, like other models, you will see the injected molded construction and thick insulated walls that help to retain the ice for a longer time. Moreover, it features a UV-inhibitor, which helps to keep it protected from wear and tear damages.

In addition to this, it has strong and durable lids and marine-grade rubberized latches, which help keep the lid secure.

The anti-skid cool riser technology is helping to improve the performance of this ice cooler. The built-in carry handles feature comfort grip steel braided cable handles that help you to pull it easily.

4. RTIC Hard Ice Cooler


  • Three-inch thick walls for better insulation.
  • Maximum cans carrying capacity.
  • Heavy-duty rope handles for effortless pickup.
  • Rubber T-latches lid for heavy-duty protection.


  • The drain plug is smaller than expected.

RTIC hard cooler is an affordable model for those who love to party on the beach with friends. This ice cooler has 45 quarts carrying capacity, which is enough to hold drinks for a group. 

As far as its ice retention is concerned, it has a three-inch-thick foam insulated wall and a cool life design that retains the ice for days even if the temperature outside exceeds. 

It also features heavy-duty rope handles, which allow you to pull it effortlessly and carry it anywhere with you. Moreover, it featured highly durable rubber T-latches and molded tie-down slots for heavy-duty protection and better insulation. 

Its features with rotomolded construction make this ice-cooler tough enough to withstand any weather condition. In addition to this, it also has a multifaceted cool life design which helps to keep the ice for days. The only downside is wheels are not there, which may make it difficult to pull.

5. YETI Tundra 45 Cooler


  • The indestructible rotomolded construction.
  • Permafrost insulation enhances ice retaining capacity.
  • Lightweight and heavy-duty rubber handles.
  • Versatile design and highly durable.


  • Water spilling issues.

YETI Tundra is a highly durable, versatile, and affordable ice cooler you want to buy. This ice cooler can hold 26 cans at one time.

The best part is it features a Permafrost insulation wall, which helps to keep ice for longer. Moreover, it also has a fat wall design that increases the insulation to retain the ice for 5 days. 

YETI tundra has roto-molded construction, which is nearly indestructible and withstands in any condition. It has sturdier construction and is portable enough to carry anywhere.

Furthermore, it features T-Rex lid latches and has a heavy-duty rubber lid that keeps the drinks securely in the cooler.

This ice cooler is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. Moreover, it has sturdier rubber gripping handles that help to hold the ice cooler easily.

The heavy-duty rubber handle doesn’t put a strain on your hand; even it is loaded with cans and ice. So, if you want an ice cooler on a budget, then this ice cooler is the best to buy.


Summing up the review list here with the five most versatile and budget-friendly ice-coolers. So, now you will be able to pick up one ideal ice cooler that fits your needs and doesn’t cost you milestones. However, I would like to recommend the YETI Roadie ice cooler and RTI hard cooler.

Both these models have exceptional design, easy to carry, and have extra-large storage capacity. Moreover, they are built with thick insulated walls, which allow keeping the ice for days. If you are a traveling person and go on trekking, then these are the best to buy.