Best Portable Ice Coolers in 2022

On a hot sunny day, a tepid drink won’t make that cut. But if you have a portable ice cooler, you can enjoy cool and refreshing drinks anytime. Doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a high-end ice cooler or just a portable and affordable one; if you’ve landed here, you will find the best one that fits your needs.

Below I’ve listed the best portable ice coolers by digging reviews, features, and many other things. So, let’s take a glance at the reviewed products to make a better decision.

10 Best Portable Ice Coolers to Buy in 2022

Best Portable Ice Coolers

When finding portable and budget-friendly ice coolers, maximum capacity, design, and size are a few things we all consider.

But here is the product I’ve listed by considering every detail, including all the odds and even. After digging through so many reviews, I concluded that these are the best to buy. 

1. YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler


  • Easy to carry anywhere without pressure.
  • A Strong-arm handle for perfect gripping.
  • Sturdier construction nearly indestructible.
  • Excellent drinks carrying capacity.


  • Slightly heavier than other models.

YETI Tundra Haul is a first-ever ice cooler that has wheels. This portable ice cooler is perfect for taking outdoors due to its unparalleled insulation power. The rotomolded construction gives this cooler extra stability and makes it indestructible. 

It features PERMAFROST insulation made with commercial-grade polyurethane foam, which helps to keep drinks cool for long hours. Also, for a comfortable grip, it has a durable welded aluminum handle. With its strong-Arm handle, you will be able to track it anywhere easily.

Moreover, the single-wheel puncture-resistant tier construction can stay intact for a longer duration. The only downside is its bulkier design, and otherwise, it would be an excellent model to have.

2. Driftsun Wheeled Ice Chest


  • 70 quarts of capacity is huge.
  • Two large rear wheels are great for pulling.
  • Thermoplastic insulation for better cooling.
  • One year warranty to free you from repairing hassles.
  • Extremely lightweight and built-in bottle opener.


  • Accessories are not included in it.

If you need the portable ice cooler, which you can carry on the beach and picnic, Driftsun Wheeled Ice Chest is the right ice cooler to have. It features durable wheels for easy transportation, and it has 70 quarts capacity, which is enough to hold maximum drinks and ice. 

This portable cooler has a military-grade nylon rope handle which is nearly indestructible. It also features a no-leak drain plug for easy draining. It has a commercial-grade three inches insulation sheet and freezer rubber gasket, which makes it seriously cooler. 

The best thing has features exterior UV protection, which makes it resistant to wear and tear damages.

3. Seavilis Camping Portable Cooler


  • Portable design perfect for every occasion.
  • Rotomolded construction and thick insulation walls.
  • Freezer grade gasket to maintain insulation.
  • Cool life design to carry anywhere easily.


  • No wheels, which make it difficult to carry when it is loaded.

This portable ice cooler is perfect for camping purposes. It is made with heavy-duty T-latches and a freezer-grade gasket which will help to store all your essentials. Seavilis has three-inch thicker insulation walls, which help to keep the ice for longer without melting. 

It has a cool lift design and side mold handles that help you carry it easily without any hassles. Furthermore, it has heavy-duty Rotomolded construction, which makes it strong and sturdy enough to last longer. Other features of this portable ice cooler are no sweat exterior, no-fail hinges, and easy pulling handles.

4. Igloo Outdoor Sportsman Series Cooler


  • Maximum five days of cooling performance.
  • Infrared technology which protects from damages.
  • Extra thick insulation sheet for retaining cooling.
  • Telescopic handles for less lifting efforts.


  • Water leaking is a big cause of concern.

The Igloo Outdoor Sportsman series cooler made it easier for you to carry your drinks outdoors, and it has 110 quarts carrying capacity to carry maximum drinks at one time. What makes it stand out on the list is its UV inhibitor and infrared technology, which help protect the cooler from sun damage.

Besides that, it has thick Ultratherm foam in its body and also at the upper lid. The durable foam construction helps to keep your ice cool for five days which is excellent.

It features a horizontal telescoping handle which helps to lift this ice cooler with 50% fewer efforts. This ice cooler has stainless steel hinges which give it extra stability to last longer.

5. RTIC Soft Portable Cooler


  • Leak Proof design.
  • Maximum cans holding capacity.
  • Three -inches insulated walls for perfect insulation.
  • T-latch to prevent leaking issues.


  • Zipper holds moisture which makes it wet sometimes.

Planning to buy the portable budget-friendly ice cooler that keeps your drinks cool till last? RTIC soft ice cooler is the perfect choice to have. It features freezer-grade gasket three-inches insulated walls which give perfect insulation to keep your drinks and food cool.

At one time, it can hold up to 36 inches. Also, it features T-latches that help to keep the cooler sealed and prevent leaking issues. It has molded side handles for easy lifting. Moreover, it has a no-leak zipper bag that helps to hold this ice cooler quickly.

It has no sweat exterior design, which further makes it ideal for carrying outdoor spaces.

6. Amazon Commercial Rotomolded Coolers


  • Dual built-in stainless steel bottle opener.
  • Telescopic handle for perfect gripping.
  • 360-degree D-seal gasket for sealing.
  • Excellent ice retention for 5 five days.


  • Storage capacity could be better.

This Amazon rotomolded cooler is a super handy ice cooler ideal for camping, job sites, recreation, and events. Amazon commercial rotomolded towable ice cooler is highly durable and has thick commercial grade insulation.

Above this, it has an all-around UV protective shell which helps to prevent wear and tear damages. It is dry ice compatible and has molded tie-down slats with a removable super-duty nylon strap for secure transport.

Amazon commercial grade ice cooler also has a dual built-in stainless-steel lock-plate bottle opener and Snagless TPE T-clasp latches for secure closure. This ice cooler provides excellent ice retention capacity, which can last for 3-5 days.

7. Coleman Portable Cooler with Wheels


  • The telescopic handle is excellent for pulling.
  • High insulation that retains the ice for a longer time.
  • 50 quarts capacity is excellent.
  • Ideal for camping and picnics.


  • Wheels are flimsy.

If you want to have an ice cooler that you can carry anywhere with you, the Wheeled ice cooler by Coleman is an excellent model to have. This ice cooler is extremely portable and has sturdier wheels that allow you to take this ice cooler anywhere without any hassles. 

Aside from this, it has 50 quarts capacity, so it can easily hold 84 cans at one time. Plus, its insulated lid and walls can be helpful to retain the eyes for five days even if the temperature is high outside. The best thing is, it has built-in cup holders for easy access to the beverages.

It features a telescopic handle and heavy-duty wheels for easy pulling and transport. 

8. CHO Portable Freezer Cooler


  • Highly efficient compressor to keep the ice cool.
  • Temperature control panel for controlling temperature.
  • Three-stage car battery protection system.
  • Built-in circuitry that prevents battery drowning.


  • It is too expensive to buy.

Want to have a big capacity ice cooler with an AC/DC compressor? Try CHO portable ice cooler. It features a digital touch screen which allows you to adjust the temperature conveniently. There is a USB charger that allows you to charge your devices anytime.

Moreover, it has fast cooling technology and has an AC/DC compressor, which helps keep the ice cooler for a longer time. Plus, it has enough capacity to hold the drinks and foods and snacks at one time. It also features wheels and a trolley for easy moving.

It also has a built-in telescopic handle, allowing you to move it easily and carry it anywhere outdoors.

9. YETI Tundra 35 Cooler


  • Portable and easy to carry.
  • Three inches thick Fat Wall design.
  • Permafrost insulation to retain ice for longer.
  • Indestructible rotomolded construction.


  • Customer services aren’t impressive.

YETI Tundra ice cooler is one of the stylish and portable coolers you can carry outdoors to keep your drinks cool. Though it is portable, carry around 20 cans at one time which is enough for picnic and beach parties.

It comes with three inches thicker PermaFrost insulated walls and has an extra Fat Wall design which helps to keep the drinks cool for a longer time. Also, the Rotomolded construction makes this cooler nearly indestructible. It has a strong sturdy construction and features T-Rex Lid Latches. 

It doesn’t have wheels for easy pulling but has telescopic handles, which allow you to carry this ice cooler anywhere.

10. Igloo 52 Qt BMX Cooler


  • Easy to carry anywhere.
  • Ideal for handling 50 cans at one time.
  • Excellent ice retention.
  • Oversized hinges and foam walls for better insulation.


  • Water leaking is a big issue.

The Igloo QT BMX cooler is extremely lightweight and has sturdier construction, and it features a reinforced swing-up handle for easy tawing. This features thick foam walls and has an extra thick insulated lid that helps retain the ice for three to five days.

Besides that, it is highly secure and easy to carry as it has a no-slip corner, which helps keep the box in place. Igloo 52 BMX cooler has 52 quarts of capacity which can hold maximum cans at one time. Moreover, it has a stainless steel handle and oversized hinges, which further enhance the sturdiness of the cooler.

The handles have a rubber grip for easy gripping and T-latches ensure secure closure.

Bottom Line

So, I hope now you will easily decide which of these is the best cooler that suits your needs. The listed models are portable and budget-friendly so that anyone can afford them easily.

However, if you want the best ice cooler, I would recommend the YETI Tundra ice cooler and Igloo ice cooler, as these models have all the features you are looking for in the high-end ice cooler.