PureWater Inline Refrigerator Water Filter Kit Review

Do you always face the trouble of impure water at home? Then you need to buy the PureWater Inline water filter kit, which helps filter the water and make it free from sediment. 

Drinking clean water is not only good for health purposes but also helps to avoid diseases. Sadly, not all people afford the expensive filtration system that can provide them clean drinking water. But that doesn’t mean you don’t find the portable inline filter.

PureWater Inline Refrigerator Water Filter Review


  • Easy to install and highly durable.
  • Certified from the NSF international.
  • Two quick connect water adapters for easy mounting.
  • Installation manual is included to install the device.
  • Multiple filtering membrane.


  • Warranty can be extended.

You can have the PureWater Inline water filter kit, which is affordable and easy to install. This small portable inline filter tremendously helps to get pure water. No matter you own a small house or a bigger one, this inline filter can help to meet the requirements of everyone. 

So, if you are confused about whether this inline water filter is right to invest in or not, I’ll provide you with a detailed review to make a better decision. But, first, let’s take a deep dive into the post. 

Product Overview

PureWater is a small Inline water filter unit designed to install on all water systems such as refrigerators and ice-makers. This filter unit is portable in size but works excellently like any high-end water filter system. Once you install the unit with your water system, it starts working instantly and provides you filtered water free from all kinds of impurities. 

With affordable prices and durable designs, PureWater inline water filters stand out on the top in the race of the best water filter units. The best thing about this water filter kit is that it helps maintain its pH level and makes it fit for drinking purposes. 

So, if you are looking for the best and affordable Inline filter, then look no further and buy this PureWater inline filter kit for your water system. 

Technical Specifications

The inline water filter is helpful to have purified water and crystal-clear ice. It comes with quick-connect fittings, which allow you to install this water filter kit without any helper. The water filter unit has a sturdier frame which is made from high-quality metal and BPA-free plastic. 

In addition to this, it has the following technical specifications: 

  • It comes with a line connector adapter, instructions with graphics, mounting bracket with a screw that allows you to install this device quickly. 
  • Quick connect fittings, NSF water line, quick-connect water line and shut-off valves. 
  • Portable size and durable frame which give you long-lasting performance 
  • The dimensions are L x W x H 10 x 2 x 2 inches 
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to install 
  • It has micron-level filter layers, which help to filter the water and remove all the sediments.
  • Odor reduction that helps to provide better taste and crystal-clear ice 
  • Direct water inline filter kit that works seamlessly with the refrigerator 


Chlorine may help to inhibit the bacteria growth, but it makes water unfit for drinking purposes. Thanks to this portable inline water filter kit, that helps to reduce the smell of chlorine and the odor of the water. Thereby make it fit for drinking and for making ice. 

On the other hand, this inline water filter comes with so many impressive features, which are as follows: 

  • Odor reduction unit, which is helpful to remove the odor of the water. 
  • Multiple filtration units which is helpful to clean the water and remove all the sediments and debris from the water. 
  • It has an inline filter kit that can easily connect to the refrigerator 
  • Its direct inline water filtering unit works seamlessly with the ice maker, refrigerator and water system 
  • It is tested and certified by the International NSF and meet the standards, which will last longer 
  • Twelve-month warranty which gives you the reliability of constant filtering of the water.
  • It provides you lifetime telephonic support so that you get technical help on time.

Build Quality 

If you are concerned about the build quality of the water filter, then this is an awesome inline filter kit to buy. This is an NSF certification that shows the standard quality of the inline water filter. In addition, it features the Quick-Connect fitting unit, which is made with highly durable material. 

Also, the mounting bracket and Screw are made up of quality metal which further enhances the durability of the inline water filter. Aside from this, this inline water filter kit has a direct inline filter kit made with premium quality material. 

The metal used in this inline water filter is highly corrosion resistant. So, it will easily resist rust and scale. In addition, this inline water filters kit contains additives that help to protect the inline water filter. Therefore, quality-wise the inline water filter is excellent to have at this price range. 


If you have a bit of concern about the performance of the filter unit, don’t be because this PureWater inline water filter unit is an excellent filter to have. Though it is small in size, it has multiple filtering units, including a chlorine reduction membrane, which helps to reduce the chlorine from the water. 

It further has an activated carbon membrane, which helps to remove all the active pollutants from the water and makes it good for drinking purposes. Moreover, it has a 12-month warranty, which gives you incredible filtering services throughout the year.

It will help filter out 1500-gallon water during the lifespan, which is huge on its own. Meanwhile, it offers you free lifetime technical support so that you get instant technical help when your filter unit is broken down. 

The line connector and adapter, including the mounting bracket, allow you to install it quickly with any water system. Moreover, it can easily connect with an ice-maker, refrigerator, and other systems. 

Multiple Filtering Membrane 

PureWater filter kit is made up of multiple filtering membranes, which is helpful to remove heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and chlorine from the water. Moreover, the activated carbon filter membrane works on the reverse osmosis principle which can potentially remove the harmful toxins and heavy metals from the water and make it fit for drinking purposes. 

Due to multiple filter units, it also helps to reduce the odor from the water. The filter layer is of Reduction Class 1, which can remove the heavy dust particles and impurities from the water. By installing this water filtering unit on your taps and water system, you get the guarantee of having pure water. 

Moreover, this filtering unit is excellent for ice makers. It will help filter the water to get crystal clear odorless ice that is suitable for drinks. 

After-Sale Service

What I like about this PureWater filter unit is the lifetime free technical support. In case your system breaks down, you can get free technical services from the experts. However, make sure that the product has a manufacturing warranty.

Bottom Line

After reviewing the water filtering kit, I can say that this inline water filter is the best you can buy at this budget. The best thing about this filter kit is that it offers you free lifetime technical support that helps to address all the troubleshooting, installation, and answer the customers’ queries. Overall, it is highly recommended to have it if you suffer from water impurities issues.