In case, you're using regular ice from your refrigerator then believe me- You're missing the real taste of your drink. The refrigerator ice changes the real taste of your drink. If you want bar like taste then you must buy an ice maker (read ice maker buying guide).


Are you looking for the best ice maker? You must be sure about what type of ice maker is more suitable for you. There are basically two types of ice makers- countertop and undercounter.

Countertop Ice Maker- The countertop ice makers are the best choice for home and office use. If you've less demand for ice (up to 30 pounds) then countertop ice makers are the cheap and best choice. Due to limited space and compact size, such type of ice maker doesn't come with a refrigeration feature that keeps your ice frozen.

Eventually, the ice starts melting. But, most good ice maker brands provide great insulation so that ice doesn't melt quickly. Moreover, a countertop ice maker only takes 6-8 minutes to produce soft and chewable ice cubes. So, you never run out of ice.

Countertop Ice Makers
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Undercounter Ice Maker- Under-counter ice makers are useful when there is a high demand for ice. This type of ice maker has a built-in refrigerator that keeps your ice frozen. Mostly, people buy it for commercial purposes. You can install under-counter ice makers in your kitchen too.

Generally, this type of ice maker has a high ice production capacity. It varies from 50 pounds to 500 pounds. Hence, you must be sure about how much ice you need daily. Undercounter ice makers are expensive.

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